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Bob McManus
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Bob, Bob, Bob. You failed to mention de Blasio and his expert use of semaphore flags on a certain day in September, 2001.

Lazy journalism, mister. Just. Plain. Lazy.
i'm thrilled to hear that so many of the racists who reacted to this dog whistle, sorry, i mean incredibly poorly reasoned steaming pile of ordure masquerading as a think piece, are choosing not to visit our fair city. you all clog up Eately and the High Line anyway, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

as for the author of this piece--wow. shameful.
"Conservative political contributors Charles and David Koch, he said, are 'white supremacists . . . men of evil . . . [similar to] the men who would belong to the Ku Klux Klan.'"
The Koch family has long been associated closely with the John Birch Society, a white supremacist organization.
It's documented that they have manipulated democracy to their own ends.

Come down off the ledge Bob.
I have cancelled any future plans to visit NYC...writing on the wall !
It's possible, but not likely, that DeBlasio will actually face reality. You'll know when that happens when he gets branded as a sellout by the left, and especially by the Working Families party.
As an architect of the NYC turnaround and bitter foe of the leftist and satanic filth that rotted this city, I can say with insiders certainty that murder in New York City will skyrocket and the liberals that are murdered deserve it and the hell they will inherit.
All the work and effort the Giuliani had to do to turn the city around has been undone by Bloomberg and de Blasio. In a few years they will have the murder rate back up to the same level of Detroit, Chicago or NYC under Dinkins
Look for the bl*cks and h*spanics to continue the crime wave even more now the we have a communist taking over NYC. The left hates capitalism and freedom. They will continue the war against the wealth earning white people of NYC
What is all this BS article, and all these sorry ass racist comments about? Sour grape losers just wishing/pushing for failure!!! All because the newly elected mayor has a black wide and mixed race kids.....ready to lynch him, because certain obviously believe that City Hall is the exclusive domain of elitist whites. The recent crime in Bryant Park was under BLOOMBERG!!! These comments show a barely disguised wish of plantation days mentality.
The only interesting point here is the coming excuses by NY's new administration.
How to destroy a City, State or Nation turn it into a Population of uneducated Black and Hispanic governed by Democrats, bribed by unions and in a very short time you will have a high crime, third world waste land like Detroit!

With States like Calif., Ill. NY etc. and in a few years a third world Nation of Poverty, Misery, Crime and Corruption!.
After living in Upstate NY for 50 years decides to come visit NY City and likes it. Why so long of a wait. The reputation of the "old" city. Now that may change back. Where will I travel to now where I can shop and site see if the blight and safety factor diminishes? For the cost of a two day trip I can fly coach round trip to most anywhere on the east coast.
Can there be any doubt that a few years under Democrats and NY will be another high crime waste like Detroit.
The Ghettos and Barros are to Democrat politicians what kids and schools are to teachers unions...the base of their support and the means to feed their corruption..

Do anything to make them better and those people might lose their jobs. When black and Hispanics decide to stop being used and exploited by Liberals and the Democrat party, they'll have a chance to make their lives better.

Liberals and Black race pimps have blacks right where they want them depending on the Democrats and welfare, uneducated in the ghetto, poor and voting Democrat.

Until then, it seems like selling drugs, pimping, making babies for tax payer,s to support and being dependent on government cheese is working out to their liking.
You forget to mention Eastern Parkway riot and Dinkins position.
Homicides in NYC 1990 - 2245 (Dinkins dystopia)
Homicides in NYC 2012 - 406 (Pax Giuliani & Bloomberg)
According to commenter "Stephen", this enormous drop in homicides is not the result of improved policing, but (sic) "international commerce". Apparently, people who in previous years might have engaged in homicide, were now employed in the import/export business. Or maybe foreign bankers were helping out the NYPD with some pro bono foot patrols. Whatever.

Actually, I don't believe NYC will revert to the 1970's, but just reverting to the 2nd best city in terms of violent crime will be a disgraceful enough boost in violence and death. Complacent NYer's just don't appreciate how much more secure NYC is then its demographically nearest neighbor cities.

Homicide rate in 2012 by city:
NYC - 4.89
Boston - 9.28
San Fran - 8.24
Minneapolis - 8.14
Note that Boston, San Fran, and Minneapolis have a less volatile demographic mix, but NYC decisively outperforms them nevertheless.
Oakland, a city with a more similar demographic mix to NYC has a homicide rate of 31.5. It's so violent, you can hear the crackle of small arms fire in the hallway of the nearby Berkeley sociology department where Stephen's like minded liberal buds hang out. But fear not, when de Blasio reinstates Dinkins' policing policies and thereby adds a few hundred poor souls to NYC's body count, the corpses will be found in Morrisania and East New York, not SOHO or Chelsea, so Stephen will not have to witness any chalk body outlines as he goes upon his liberal way.
Definition of a Conservative: A Liberal who's been mugged.

I lived in NYC in the early 80's and it was sad. Bryant Park was JunkieLand. People didn't feel safe there. I was in NY 3 years ago and could not believe it. I have never seen such a dramatic urban improvement in my life.

There were a dozen other examples that I saw.

A friend of mine tells me that Gulliani "Disnyfied" Times Square. That my be true, but millions of people enjoy it now. I asked her if it was better when it was filled with junkies and crack whores.

I wish De Blasio the best because of my affection for New York. I only hope the city does not return to its old days
Time to change to name from New York to New Managua, New Havana, or New Progressive- Socialist fiasco . A few more natural disasters added may well spell a death spiral!
By e end of de Blasio's first term, crime will be up, unemployment will be up, and minorities will be worse off. That will ensure his reelection.
New York the new Detroit.
Good luck with that, progressives deserve progressives. Some pathologies never go away.

And the other commentators on here appear to be no better informed.
What is the point of this article exactly other than trying to boil down complex issues into a form sufficiently simplistic and dumbed-down to fit neatly into the author's ill-disguised politics?

I expect better from this publication.
This is all you need to know about the article and the author in particular: he doesn't even know that "Needle Park" was on the Upper West Side in the 1960s and 1970s (I know; I used to live near it for a time). New York's uptick in the 1990s and 21st century is all about global commerce, not Giuliani's thuggery.
We left Manhattan last year and moved south to escape the crushing taxes and high cost of living. It's sad to see this direction, but not surprising. Looks like we escaped at just the right time.
It will be interesting to see who he names police chief and what instructions he gives him. The NYPD doesn't police "quality of life" crimes for its own edification. Unless ordered to stop the turnstile-jumpers, panhandlers, graffiti-artists and squeegee men, they will ignore them, as they did under Dinkins. It won't be hard to see the results of a policy change. In fact I have an index: the number of people living in the Hilton Passageway at Penn Station. Right now the number is one. Watch this space.
Some great comments below. I'd like to add that Bernie Goetz was ACQUITTED of shooting the four muggers, and was convicted only of a first offense of carrying a firearm without a permit. At that time, the penalty for that violation—actually quite common in the city—was almost universally a $100 fine and no jail time. Regardless of the acquittal, the judge decided to make an example of Goetz anyway.
"...they wanted change, de Blasio promised it..."

And "they" wanted change and Obama promised it--and now we're saddled with Obamacare, a corrupt Administration that uses the IRS as its intimidation arm, and a populace divided to the point where talk of secession is ever more often being heard.

Be careful of demanding "change;" you may get it.
Of course history will repeat itself. The NYC of 1970s wasn't an accident. It was the predictable result of inane (or insane) policies. Repeat those policies and you'll get the same results.
The ins and outs of New York City's mayoral election:
In: "Death Wish"
Out: stop-and-frisk
In: 521 black homicides/year
Out: 258 black homicides/year
In: Ramzi Yousef & Abdel Rahman
Out: surveillance of radical islamic mosques
In: squeegee men & graffiti
Out: dinner and a broadway show
In: broken windows
Out: broken windows theory
In: hookers & drug dealers in midtown
Out: Disneyfication of Times Square
In: public housing
Out: gentrification
In: driveby shootings
Out: public housing residents
In: chalk body outlines
Out: chalk hopscotch courts
In: Randi Weingarten
Out: charter schools & teacher evaluations
In: bullet proof plexiglass
Out: window shopping
In: higher taxes on high earners
Out: high earners
In: expanded welfare rolls
Out: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere
In: reduced income inequality
Out: income
In: public employee sweetheart contracts
Out: public employee pension reform
In: Dunkin' Donuts
Out: proactive policing
In: Travis Bickle
Out: Ray Kelly
In: Dinkins dystopia redux
Out: pax Giuliani & Bloomberg
Get ready nyc, you asked for it!
I read this past week about several incidences targeting Jewish people in Brookyn by gangs of black youths. I suppose that this may be an indication of the crime wave that commenters are predicting.
Left Coast Conservative November 17, 2013 at 5:50 AM
"When the violence reaches Central Park West and the Upper East Side, I predict that "progressives" (irony intended) will be somewhat less enthusiastic about the Marxist they have just helped elect mayor.

I disagree: if and when that day comes, when we see home invasions in the wealthy, elitist enclaves, the "progressives" will double down on further progressive laws and regulations, rather than admit that their progressive policies are to blame. They will even countenance "stop and frisk" in their own neighborhoods, while publicly decrying the practice elsewhere in the city, in order to keep their streets safe. As for the rest of the NYC, well, who cares?
Looks like we won't be visiting New York City again soon. Have a good time New Yorkers in your soon to be rat infested hell hole.
While there is no question that the ideology of multiculturalism supported by strong social controls may result in compliance and even a substantial degree of internalization of the ideology, there is accumulating empirical evidence suggesting that, like Marxism, multiculturism is based on inadequate science and therefore likely to suffer a similar fate. A widely replicated finding is that, because of closer ties of kinship and culture, ethnically homogeneous societies are more likely to invest in social capital for the entire society (e.g., welfare programs, universal health care) (e.g., Salter, 2005). Multicultural societies therefore are likely to have more conflict as different groups attempt to influence public policy in their favor while tending to avoid contributions to public goods. Moreover, Putnam (2007) has shown that ethnic homogeneity is associated with greater social solidarity and greater social capital, as well as more trust of others and greater political participation. In multicultural societies, trust (even of one’s own race) is lower, altruism and community cooperation rarer, friends fewer.
I agree to all of the comments here, but regardless of who is the Mayor, NY will return to the Dinkins era-why-the money is running out.

Printed money was the savings grace of NY and its absence will repeat history.
A correction: New York citizens do NOT have the Right of self-defense. New York State's stupid law says we MUST retreat.
Ever talk to a NY 'progressive' about the OLD Time's Square?

They practically CRY over the loss of that degenerate hell hole.

Then bring up graffiti covered subway cars with painted windows that no one could see out of and watch them light up in GLEE!
Prepare for more 'Dinkins Riots'.
of course we will see a return to 70s era crime and decay. the electorate, fools that they are, have elected a man that overtly wants to limit economic activity of the productive, and limit crime fighting activity of the police. it's like he's pandering to the anti-social element, inviting them to come play here. the elite progressives who also push for this will be well protected on the upper west side, while "the people", on the margin, suffer the effects of increased crime and reduced economic activity, reduced tourism and trade, etc. di blasio is a fool, and nyc will be a fool's paradise.
I am going to experience schadenfreude on a level comparable to intense sexual gratification watching NYC slip back in to the pre-Giuliani days.

ya'll have nice day
New York City needs to be knocked off of it's high horse and Bill DiBlasio is just the man to do it.
It is all of a piece throughout.
If you want to escape the decay and collapse that human nature, ungoverned,relentlessly drives toward, then you have to work at it.
You have to patch the roof, or the rain leaks in and ruins everything under it.
You must keep the wood painted or it rots.
The grass and weeds will bloom and grow in the cracks untill a smooth, safe, walkway becomes broken rubble.
But nothing breaks a city apart, turns a safe, happy neighborhood into a hell hole, like ungoverned people.
Either children are raised up to govern them selves, or, they grow into adults that know no restriction but how much pain society can inflict on them.
I don't know what the motto of N.Y. City is, but the operable motto of modern society is; "You can't tell me what to do."
A city will be defined by how well its people rule their own passions.
This new mayor seems to be comfortable telling the citizens; "It's not your fault, someone else is to blame for all your failings."
History has not been very kind to this concept.
After more than 50 years of following politics in this country the one thing I know for certain is that the Left considers no argument on any issue over until it has prevailed -- irrespective of the facts. The question for the lemmings in New York who voted for de Blasio is, what will they believe: What their lying eyes have revealed to them about the incontrovertible, positive results of Mr. Kelly's method of policing, or the La-La Land pronouncements of de Blasio. Oh, and the other thing I know is that voters get the kind of government they deserve.
Watching New York City return to the David Dinkins days is amusing. People have too short memories and deserve the pain they bring upon themselves for stupidity.

Parasite nation grows, new York City wants to be the new Detroit.
Let no one have any illusions about what comes next: A substantial breakdown in law and order.

Prepare for a return to graffiti on subway cars, widespread muggings on subways and sidewalks, as well alarming increases in rape, robberies, home invasions, and murders.

Where whites have been relatively untouched by such violence in the recent past, they will be increasingly targeted as easy marks by blacks in a city that prohibits law-abiding citizens from concealed carry.

This grim scenario will be followed by a wholesale exit of business from the city.

When the violence reaches Central Park West and the Upper East Side, I predict that "progressives" (irony intended) will be somewhat less enthusiastic about the Marxist they have just helped elect mayor.

Churchill spoke of “...the confirmed unteachability of mankind . . " and reminds us of “the unfortunate habit of civilized societies to sleep until danger nearly overtakes them.” New Yorkers are about to re-learn the lessons of history.
Yoicks von Spoofington November 15, 2013 at 7:24 PM
Yup! Bill de Blasio is a white David Dinkins.