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Steven Malanga
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Democrats are cancer. Don't go near them and don't do business with them if you can possibly avoid it.
The answer was given by Warren Buffett in his comments on the deficit.
Set a simple agreed target, deficit to be reduced by 3% p.a. until zero. At that point surplus to increase by 1.5% p.a. and public sector wage costs to increase by no more than the private sector median increase.
If not achieve no elected Pol, Democrat or Republican is allowed to stand for election again.
Radical left wing? Not at all. They are skeezy pols who do what comes naturally to them: shake down productive business go get more loot to pass to their clientele. Just the boys gettin' together and cuttin' up the cash.

Why do we have this problem? (1) Non-indecent people are not motivated to seek public office. (2) the few that do are stymied by the many sleazoids if they reach office. (3) the voting public hardly cares one way or the other.

Decadence. What is to be done?
Hey Gilbert - you clearly didn't get the drift here. The Radical isn't Perry; the Radicals were the Democrat Governors who have destroyed the Garden State economy so badly that even a serious leader like Christie can't shake the years of radical left-wing policies. Perry is just the messenger.
I support whatever takes money out of the hands of workers and returns it to its rightful owners, the Tea Party.
Surely the business climate in California or New York must be worse than that of the Garden State!!
Hopefully it takes a 'progressive' like the new NY mayor to know this..
Faulty government can only be rectified by faulty politicians...
Gilbert W. Chapman November 13, 2013 at 2:03 AM
Excellent essay ~ Except the last two paragraphs should have been deleted.

Does anyone really take "The Tea Party Radical Rick Perry" seriously anymore ? ? ?