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Stefan Kanfer
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Can't resist sending you this...Pat
I'm used to thinking about Krauthammer as a solidly second-string conservative columnist. I mean, he's a graceful writer but not the master stylist the book jacket makes him out to be. His turns of phrase only ever work to remind me of the better stylists like WFB rather than ever inspire me to want to quote him directly. And, generally speaking, he's always been the reliable teamplayer rather than the sheer intellectual--giving a competent version of the Republican/conservative line on any given issue (especially foreign policy) as opposed to a brilliant novel analysis. It's been amusing seeing him emerge as the gold standard for syndicated conservative commentary (remember that National Review cover article?), like watching Bob Dole taking his patiently-earned turn as GOP nominee. For all the internet's done to equalize the political commentary playing field against the MSM, it's also really lowered the standard of writing. Krauthammer's the real deal in terms of a smart, witty columnist, so I don't grudge him at all soaking up the accolades for a solid career, but it's still kind of sad to think that in this age of Breitbart and Hotair we're probably not going to see another better writer come along.
Special Report and the other FOX news/commentary shows which have a Charles comment on them are always worth watching, discussing and thinking about. His comments are always well thought out, to the point, and at times devastating to the progressives.
Dr. Krauthammer is generally right on target with his exquisite puncturing of liberal and feel-good nonsense. Not only is he eloquent in his written pieces, but his wry and sardonic humor captures the folly in liberal pronouncements and behaviors. His addition to any panel is assurance that the fools who spout MSM garbage will not go unchallenged and bested.
No mention here that he was one of the leading neocons who was wrong, wrong, wrong about the Iraq war, and who has never apologized.

And who is somehow still treated as if he is an expert on the Mideast.
Beautifully written review of a very thought-provoking book. Kudos to both Mr. Kanfer and Mr. Krauthammer.
I agree with Charles as a classical liberal and Tea Party supporter. Our basic ideological view is the same. Where I do disagree with him is on the details and tactics.
I have witnessed the right cringing in lack of courage to FIGHT for their principles. To articulate them convincingly to a point where you actually would think they believe what they are saying.
Romney and the current establishment do not seem inclined to defend their beliefs. This is manifest in the Tea Party supporters fighting, whether they win or lose. At least they are fighting.
It is limp wristed to only enter a fight you know you can win, I do not think Charles sees this dynamic within the ranks.
Krauthammer is right - politics matter. Many people want to dismiss politics as beneath them - politics is not something they can get their hands dirty participating in. In fact, when we do not invest our time and energy - and money - in the politics that make sense to rational, everyday citizens we end up with the sort of leaders we have now - irrational, ideological and corrupt.
I find that most people have principles; one problem is, they have price tags on them. You can trust most people to return $500 you lost; but if it's $100,000 it's a different story.
I do seem to see a lot of unprincipled people who believe "the end justifies the means" out there; at the moment they seem to mostly reside in the Left.
Krauthammer never seems to fall into either trap, and at the same time has a lot of fun with life. Gotta like a guy like that.
Few comments? Well it shows we are all speechless when faced
with the mind of Charles.
I don't think of him as a conservative but as a man of principle.
It is just coincidental that most conservatives are unprincipled.
Charles is the best of the best -- I just love his candor as he is a brilliant man -- and a Conservative!