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Steven Greenhut
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More stupid union bashing. Listen, jerk, unions DO NOT funnel public funds to political causes, as you allege. That money comes from the dues of union members. When the gov't agencies pay their employees, that money becomes private money the minute the employees receive it.It is a simple, easily understood distinction. Got it?
Here we go again. The problem is that Brady List handling is not done to any standard. An accusation can get an officer on a list. This is false:

"As a result, district attorneys compile lists of officers who have been found to have lied under oath or falsified police reports, used excessive force, or who have been convicted of certain crimes."

It is nothing but personal discretion.

Who gets on the list ??? want to put a bet or two down?

AB 855 has drafting problems. Not that hard to repair. AB375 tried to make evidentiary standards uniform across a range of issues. It failed because it didn't recognize that child abuse and sex crimes would also be included. The bill was not written specifically to make life easier for predators, as this text implies.

Anything to denigrate the workings of our democracy ???
I can't speak to the particulars here, but the problem is when government unions do more than bargain for thier members, when they actively take part in the political process, through donations and otherwise, the political process is unavoidably corrupted. As noted in one of the articles on this site, government unions essentially own California government, and the result is corruption on a massive scale. It also means all government services are insanely expensive, and it is no surprise that you hear of municipalities going bankrupt in California as promises that should not have been made but unions insisted upon cannot be kept.

In fact, the tax increase that led to a short term stability in California finances is a temporary fix, and the power of government unions is such that the money will only go so far - California's permanent destiny is slow decline. In the last census, for the first time in a century and a half or so the State didn't get another Congressional seat, since its government has progressively made the State less and less livable. In fact, absent foreign immigration on a massive scale, the State would have lost population.

The overall problem is the ability of public sector unoins to use its statutory political muscle for narrowly defined purposes, an essentially corrupt way of doing business as tax money is funneled through the unions to Democrat coffers. The people's concerns, if addressed at all, are last on the agenda, as public sector interest groups ensure that their membership is well taken care of to the detriment of the taxpayer.

The result of the foregoing is a population that serves government, rather than the reverse. The people, no longer citizens, but subjects, have no alternative but to flee. For California Democrats, that's not a problem but a benefit, more malleable populations can be imported - the new "immigrants' comparing the State to whatever third world hell hole they came from, and are grateful just to be here. For them, the corruption on display in California is little different from what they came from, and more than acceptable by comparison.

The foregoing analysis about descibes what's going on, but Republicans are too fearful to say anything about it, much less be candid about what is happening. Democratic control of most forms of media means that they can tag the Republicans with labels which reptition transforms into truth, and constant repetition, combined with Republican timidity (and stupidity) means that they are forever able to be scapegoated by the far more aggressive Democrats. And besides, if Republicans get disgusted and leave, then all to the better since it consolidates power in those remaining - and again, lost population can be more than made for by importing people from elsewhere.

Where California goes, so goes America, and, for people of better will, soon enough there will be no place left to run to. In the meantime, corruption is the order of the day for California, as it slowly slides into the abyss.