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Nicole Gelinas
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I disagree! I believe foolishly the voters elected a leftist. There will be massive tax increases, large union pay raises and a squeeze on the police. This is all to fulfill the left's dream of an egalitarian society; a new utopia. Unfortunately for the citizens who voted for De Blassio, they will receive more pain than gain.
WrittenDescription November 10, 2013 at 5:49 AM
The wealth redistribution envisioned by de Blasio only works when it doesn't quash production by the wealthy, doesn't encourage further dependency by the poor, and doesn't breed resentment in both groups. Which is to say, never.
The illegal harrassment of "suspicious characters" who are not, in fact, suspected any any crime is only tolerated as long as it's *their* and not *our* rights that are getting violated. The rest of us are getting buttered up for a "papers, please" future by routine harrassment at transportation centers - do you really want this treatment to become the accepted norm everywhere?

De Blasio vows to stop it but of course being the class warrior he is, he's basing it dubious "racial" grounds rather than on rights inherent in every person. But if he does stop it, it might be the one thing he gets right. I do expect his every other decision to be disastrous.
I left NYC when I join the Navy many years ago, wound up settling in flyover country. Been watching NYC self destruct for years; seems to me de Blasio is going to complete the destruction of a once fine city.
"But de Blasio is wrong; the city is not yearning for progressive change."

Really ??? Because turnout was low for an election where the Republican was a sicko Crown Point joke?

We're not happy that NYPD covered up for beating the crap out of Occupy kids. For sexually assaulting the girls at Occupy protests. Yeah, grabbing boobs and then going after anybody with a camera with their batons.

This city should be safe for Dante de Blasio. For his friends, too. Even when they're walking with their mothers. And doing street level challenges to people matching perp descriptions is AOK, just not making it an excuse for mimicing KKK madness.

Bloomberg let NYPD run itself. His one area of cowardice. Nobody's perfect.
What do you mean he will work the public workers unhappy. We all ready are unhappy and we all ready know he is not doing a thing for us.
Sad to say, but New York is a victim of its own success during the past twenty years. Many outer borough, salt of the earth types have cashed out, selling homes in now trendy parts of the city and moving to places with lower taxes and what they perceive to be a better lifestyle. They have been replaced by new people, who have no idea what it was like in the 70s and 80s. They assume that New York always has been and always will be what it is today, so there really isn't any harm in electing a Marxist novelty as mayor. I guess we will find out how this all works out soon enough.
Not to Screw Up?

His entire Administration will be filled with Working Families Party people.

NYC is about to learn, THE HARD WAY, what the term: "People get the government they DESERVE" in Spades.
All of which goes sto explain how visionary it was when I left my native city forever in 1957, because I woke nights, senseing bad bad bad vibes in the coming decades, I was right to have done so, uprooting family and self forever. Santa Monica CA remains safe enough for us to this day....
Ms. Gelinas:

I have listened continuously to the comment that republican administrations lowered the crime rate by their policing tactics, this does note jibe with the fact that from 1994-2000 crime fell in the twenty largest cities in the US, even those run by democrats, we still don't know why> Check the data.
People didn't show (at least from my office poll) because "de Blasio was going to win, it didn't matter." All the polls showing a huge defeat before one vote was cast did not make people feel like it mattered.
Brilliant Article. As Ed Koch once said "The people have spoken and now they must be punished"

The residents of NYC can take solace in the beauty of Dante's afro, the sole reason why de Blasio got any traction in the first place.
As an American living in a reliably red state, I'm looking forward to watching the DiBlasio era unfold in NYC...

from a safe distance.
His mandate is to tax the rich., Get rid of Stop and Frisk and implement a Socialist agenda.
Why is it that the republicans are incapable of selecting politicians who can espouse the aspirational and common sense values of most Americans ? Government which provides value for money, state schools which are better than those in Singapore and Hong Kong, cheap energy, a health service which looks at places such as France, Germany ,Austria ( a mixture of public and private ), a promise of low taxes so people have more their money to spend, welfare for those who have paid 10 years of taxes but not a lifestyle choice, an acceptance of abortion out of necessity but not as form of contraception, low crime because the poor are adversely affected the most. If republicans said poor state schools, high crime and taxes which reduce employment, hit the poor and middle classes the most , perhaps they would obtain support. A republican who mocks wealthy Democrats who live in fortified homes and said their children to private schools and have never worked in industry would win votes.
I agree with William below - the Democratic (no other way to term it, it isn't leftist, it isn't liberal, it is Democratic) new media - the traditional networks, NY Times, et als, will do everything possible to protect and shield DeBlasio from whatever ruin he wreaks on the City. And those the Democratic media are speaking to have either been exposed to a lifetime of conditioning or are relatively recently arrived - they will sit back and allow themselves to manipulated into thinking all is as well as it can be.

As I've said before Giuliani's biggest sin was that he showed everyone that the endless cycle of corrupt politics and deterioration was not an inevitability, that good leadership means something, even if it is a mayor who is not supported by the City Council. Giuliani was ONE MAN, and although he literally singlehandedly saved the City from ruin. The Democratic media was ever ready to ensure that his label as a heavy handed dictator stuck to him right to the end, no matter that the label was totally false. And if he manged to do so well in the second hardest job in America, think what he would have done if he had been able to win the hardest job in America.

Of course, it was not be - the forces in favor of a return to misery are just too strong - no one should ever underestimate the Democratic media's ability to manipulate public opinion, to tag people with labels and make them stick, even on issues of no practical importance. And, if people insist on being sheep, what to do?

The frustrating thing is that when it all falls apart, when the City starts bleeding business, crime goes up, life in general becomes intolerable, Republicans will still not be fortright enough about what's going on to make the case that the irrelevancies, half truths and outright lies are just what they are and they should be seen as an alternative. Also there aren't any Rudy Guiliani's waiting in the wings. And finally, just remember that Detroit elected Democratic mayors all the way down - control of the media, combined with Republican stupidity is that effective in convincing people to vote against their interests.

I am sure that governor's in New Jersey, Texas and everywhere else are getting ready to make the pitch to New York commercial interests that low or no taxes, absurdly low crime and a global economy
is worth the cost of relocating from someplace about to undergo fundamental progressive change. And, as pointed out on this site, all New York has left is the financial industry - once that's gone, New York City will have nothing but tourism, the industry of the third world.

It is now early November, 2013, we will see what happens a year from now - but my bet is that when DeBlasio initiates his progressive agenda the financial industry will begin its exodus - much of the back office operations have already left, but this time it will be everything. So when the City starts sliding people of means will be pulling out fast. Those left hehind will have no one to blame for what happened but themselves.
As a retiree who lives in Flyover Country, I thank God I'll never have a need to visit or go through NYNY. Giuliani was the best thing for law & order in that city. Today, however, the same morons who put obama into office are thick as ticks on a dog's ear in NYNY, so they will indeed suffer the consequences of electing DiBlasio. You've sown the wind; now reap the whirlwind. Have fun.
I think it was Robert Nisbet who wrote a generation ago that boredom was a consequential motivator. Putting this worthless figure in the Mayor's chair is a perverse act of people not considering the consequences. This will not end well.
Lawrence of Suburbia November 07, 2013 at 6:59 AM
First of all I am not a 'progressive' but there's no way you can spin your way out of de Blasio's victory. Not with stats, not with history, not with nothing. His margin of victory is so preposterously large that if he didn't take the stance that he has he would be foolish. If a conservative achieved those results we'd be ripping their ideological hearts out.
Robert Straschewski November 07, 2013 at 6:44 AM
“Today, you spoke out loudly and clearly for a new direction,” he said last night. “The people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it.”

Sounds alot like another speech 5 years ago. And we all know how that's worked out.
"In fact, de Blasio’s real job is to keep things the way they are."

Let's hope he doesn't see it that way. Much of America is tired of his breed's degenerate thinking and hope that the city will be taught a lesson.
If the news media circles the wagons to protect Mr DiBlasio the same way that they have done to shield the American public from the disaster that has been the Obama administration, then Mr DiBlasio may, for a while, be able to get away with overseeing a New York City with an increasing crime rate, an increasing welfare population, more failing schools, and a budget hole growing deeper by the year.
For a while. Unlike the federal government, New York City cannot just print money, or float paper that it then buys from itself with the money it just printed, or drop a drone on some raghead somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan and get a few days good publicity out of that.
And then, as has already been pointed out here on these pages, there is a governor sitting in Albany who has higher political aspirations, and may be unwilling to tie his own political future to an imploding New York City reminiscent of the 1970's and a politician who is way out of the real mainstream outside of Cuba or North Korea.
What in Bill di Blasio's history tells you that he can run a city? Or that he is a pragmatic or thoughtful chief executive? Lohta sounded like a competent manager, and he led me to believe that he was a very good deputy mayor. But as you noted in so many words, he is a totally inept politician who showed no quality of leadership or vision for the city. Still, I never thought New York would elect a communist for mayor. Don't mince words. He has been and still is a supporter or rather an adherent of the Sandinistas, a Soviet Union client who killed 8,000 political opponents, jailed 20,000 political prisoners and brutally displaced 200,000 people from their homes to put them in 145 villages; a group whose fall from power he continues to mourn. He went to Cuba illegally for his honeymoon. Do I need to detail any of Castro's brutalities? Di Blasio is not misreading the election results. You can say he is misrepresenting what the results mean. The election results will not determine what he will do. He doesn't care what the results really mean. The fact that the results were so overwhelmingly in his favor is a propaganda tool to institute the policies he wishes to install. I've read your articles in the past, and know that you know all that I'm writing. So please, cut out the pose that Di Blasio is just another variation of Bloomberg. Bloomberg, egoist that he is, set us up for a fall. Di Blasio is coming in to finish the job.

I'm waiting to see how soon crime spikes up in NYC when hizzoner forbids the NYPD from conducting any stop and frisk searches.
Five years ago the voters of the US elected an undistinguished state senator who was demonstrably unqualified to be president. We now see how that worked out. A few days ago the voters of NYC elected an undistinguished city councilman who is demonstrably unqualified to ne mayor. Guess how that will workout?
Mr DiBlasio's key political and financial supporters - the left-liberal folks on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and the mega-rich Temple Emanu-el crowd, will be little affected by the new Mayor's changes to city financing and policy.

New York City's burgeoning multi-generational poor and dependent population will find a cornucopia of new and expanded entitlements open to them, encouraging more and more of them to invite their overseas relatives to come to the city, showing up at the social services centers demanding their free apartments as mandated by law.

The white middle class in the outer boroughs - Staten Island, Queens, and parts of Brooklyn will find themselves increasingly squeezed by increases in whatever taxes and new fees the mayor is able to impose on his own, and their families increasingly endangered by increasing street crime. The Governor, Mario Cuomo, still has his eyes set on higher office, whether in 2016 or thereafter, and will do what he can to keep tight reins on spending and tax increases. The new mayor, true to his radical Marxist roots, will reign in the police and watch the black sections of New York City descend into Chicago and Detroit-like violence and chaos.

Wall Street will continue to notice that the internet works just as well in Jersey City, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut as it does in lower Manhattan, and the taxes are a lot lower and the streets are a lot safer, and even the better restaurants are cheaper.

This may foreshadow another white exodus from the city such as the one that occurred in the 1970's and 1980's.

I own real estate in New Jersey. I'm looking forward to it.
His media honeymoon will last three months.
I only wish that you were right, but, the occupy wall street mentality has hit the political mainstream of this city.this will not be paterned after a Lindsay or Dinkins. however, they will be sharply turned to an ideological left that would emulate a prague or east berlin of a prior era reflecting the views of a Vito Marcantonio or a Benjamin Davis.
You have too favorable a view of this win, Nicole. De Blasio IS committed to appeasing the "Progressive" crowd. This might not work out well for NYC, but in Philly we should be glad. Remember us? Philadelphia...the "lesser New York". Here's our chance! Let the not-so-progressive educated and well-off New Yorkers move here! We too have such amenities as a world class orchestra, an Ivy League university, a Federal Reserve Bank, etc. Plus it's every so much cheaper to live here!