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Lloyd Billingsley
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How many criminals did this the victim (Northup) successfully defend over the course of his career? Obviously, no one deserves to die like this but better it be a defense attorney than anyone else.
The demise of two innocents did not offer the politically correct an occasion to champion their favorite causes, but it did offer Mr. Billingsley an opportunity to make up a story about Redrum Burger.
Keep working on your angle, this one sucks.
I live in Davis. I hadn't heard about the yellow ribbon but I was perplexed by a noose made of bicycle tires left on the high school football goal post. It was considered a hate crime and various groups held meetings so folks who felt threatened could vent or be reassured or something. Nobody asked me but I thought it must have been done by a avid cyclist who had lots of used tires who was offended by the obscene amount of money spent on the new high school playing fields rather than art, music, science or non group sports. It could have been a statement about how the playing field lights pollute our night skies. Hey, it could have been Banksie come to visit Davis. But it didn't strike me as a hate crime any more than the yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.
Liberalism is an insanity. The people of Davis deserve more tragedy to come their way.
It's worth recalling that UC undertook a "campus climate survey" last year at a cost of $600,000. There has been no reporting or accounting of survey results. UC Berkeley offered "gift" inducements to students, faculty, and staff to fill out the survey (parking passes, theater and athletic tickets, etc.).

Was this a wise use of taxpayers' money? Will this survey do anything to improve students' education at UC? No. It's an outright theft of resources from students by UC's overgrown bureaucratic class.

Did the killings cause University and surrounding community mobilize in the same way that they had in response to Beeman's quackish claims? No. At least nothing in the articles you cite suggests so.
An ok article, but other than the use of "Meantime" as a segue between grafs three and four, the author does little to prove his point. The "In Davis, however, the response was subdued," left me wanting some proof there was little reaction. Yet the writer doesn't provide any. A search of just one Davis media outlet seems to suggest otherwise...
I am just suprised they didn't take up a collection to have David Marsh bailed. He surely is a victim of something himself.Liberals rarely if ever have empathy for actual victims just made up ones and theoretical ones.
While Davis is annoyingly PC, Your gleeful reporting of a double murder by a wanna-be serial killer in proves that sociopathy extends to "journalists."

What sort of hand-wringing local outcry would you expect? Peasants with pitchforks, a lynch mob using sticks of dynamite and horses to pull the gaol down?

How about a workers comp award to a sadistic pepper-sprayer?
Murder? I thought this article was about real problems. Thank God he didn't bully them.
The toxic fruits of a hate crimes regime dreamed up in the 1990s by none other than Eric Holder and Elena Kagan.

Now we know the result: Clockwork Orange with a racial quota twist.

For similar reasons -that their deaths don't fit the progressivists' narrative, offering no opportunity for moral grandstanding- the slaughter of Christians in Muslim countries goes largely unremarked by the MSM and by university opinion-mongers.
If the punk had stolen a gun of any sort and used that, the gun grabbers would be screming yet. MORE LAWS, GET ALL THE GUNS. Proof, once more, that if violence resides in the heart, which is the ONLY place it can reside, the putative criminal will find SOME means of carrying it out. A big rock would suffice......

The oh so perfect lot at UC Davis goes ballistic over a bit of yellow tape and some scrawling. Why aren't they screaming about the falsified "crime" reports of that sick copper? THAT is a greater crime than the yellow tape. Three million FedBucks on false premises? Larceny, for sure. A crime in ANY jurisdiction.