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Scott Beyer
Justice Isn’t Colorblind in New Orleans « Back to Story

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I hope I am wrong but there is a wisper going around the countries two largest unions (both teacher's unions) that you had better not complain about "common core standards" being imposed by the Federal Government. Your teaching career is on the line.
they object to success simply because our govt, DOJ. etc have no use for educated citizens especially the poor and downtrodden how else can they maintain their illusion of horseshit and keep the citizens in the dark....
It could be a simpler motive: bag big game and put the trophy on your wall. What are justice department lawyers for? To get justice? Or just to get the win and make a name for themselves.

Well, now we know.
divide, set factions against each other, repeat until utter chaos reigns. That comes straight out of Marx and Alinsky, both of whom the kinyun has studied, and greatly admires. I've studied them as well, and despise them both. Holder's suit is likely a "yassuh, bossman" campaign to further destablise. Louisiana should nullify and interpose any federal meddling. FedGov have NO AUTHORITY to meddle with education at any level.
What else? Teachers unions rarely consider the interests of students. Their lobby is "for the good of teachers" only. Otherwise why would they possibly object to success? I am a former teacher. I am particularly well-placed to speak about these issues. I saw this attitude from the inside and that is why I left the profession.