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Roger L. Simon
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I'm Very glad that you are writing these pieces for PJM. I, and many more, have missed your video spots with L C on film review.


It's not just the "documentaries" that spew liberal propaganda. An overwhelming number of films (and TV series)relentlessly vilify capitalism in general and business people in particular. And such has been the case for DECADES.

Then, to add insult to injury, when you pay to watch their movies, much of your "ticket" (in whatever form) goes to these people -- socialists who profit from capitalism while financially supporting freedom-crushing agendas.

No mas! I seldom go to the movie theatre. But I DO like to watch movies of very type. Hence I use DVD's, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, streaming and other methods of getting movies to my big screen TV. Yes, Hollywood still makes something on my movie enjoyment, but only at tiny fraction what they would make if I bought a movie ticket.

Below' a link to an article I wrote on this attractive alternative. Home viewing saves money, is a superior viewing experience and starves the Hollywood beast -- win, win, wit!

"15 reasons modern home HD TV movie watching is SUPERIOR to movie theaters"
I don't get how Hollywood willingly shoots itself in the foot by putting out this garbage. While many moviegoers are gullible and credulous, an increasing number are fed up with the left-wing propaganda and simply bypass these movies. Given the fact that the red ink is starting to add up and seriously affect the industry's bottom line, why do the Weinsteins and Redfords of this world persist in this folly? Is money no object when it comes to preaching to the choir?
@Art Woodstone

You are a lefty troll because a troll is someone who gives a different opinion than everyone else on the board. That's what troll means - someone who says something I don't like.
Mike K,

You spoke of content. Although it's not clear from your response that you have one, unless it's your belief that all liberals are, what did you say, "lefty trolls"?

I wonder why you didn't include your own version of substance, starting with your whole name. Or would you rather hide it, so that you can be free from criticism while being flippant and vacuous, all at the same time?

If I'm a lefty troll, how would you describe yourself?

Art Woodstone
When movies are true to the lives they portray, they can be memorable. But when directors and producers try to send a message, they destroy the good. So few movies today have characters that are at all likeable. So you don't really care what happens to them; and you don't really want to bother sitting through their phony stories.
Any chance for a nomination for Tom Hanks and/or Mr. Philips? I'm curious if the personal backlash against Mr. Phillips as a competent captain after the film opened had any effect.
Do you get to keep the DVDs?
"I'd like to believe my brother-in-law sent me this as an example of a great writing style rather than for its substance. I wish I could be as readable as Simon but in no substantive way do I wish to subscribe to his content."

I'd like to believe that lefty trolls are really interested in the content instead of trying to sound like they know something.
I'd like to believe my brother-in-law sent me this as an example of a great writing style rather than for its substance. I wish I could be as readable as Simon but in no substantive way do I wish to subscribe to his content.

I read elsewhere that Simon claimed he was transformed from a liberal into a center/conservative after the O.J. Simpson trial and after 9/11. He saw a connection between the two, although, so far, I have not discovered why he thinks they were connected.

This appeared in the column: "... it was Robert Redford, in a CNN interview to promote his new Oscar contender, All Is Lost, calling President Obama’s critics racists— 'There you go again,' as a wise man once said."

Need anyone need reminding, Simon was referring to Ronald Reagan. Keeping in mind that Reagan used the expression to dodge Carter's challenge [about universal health care], I have to wonder if the liberal Simon, fourteen years before his own conversion to the political right, would have described Reagan as wise man or a wise-guy.

I do not feel it unfair to say that wise-guys tend to sneer or they wouldn't easily be identifiable as wise-guys.

I can be a wise-guy too, so let me sneer at Simon's comment about the film "Fruitvale," the fictional story of a real cop shooting in Oakland; I just love his take:

"The real officer, Johannes Mehserle, claims the shooting was an accident and that he only meant to subdue Grant with his Taser. Witnesses say the policeman looked mortified after he shot the young man."

According to Simon, the film described the fictionalized Mehserle as a "racist." Simon didn't agree. I haven't seen the film, so I must give Simon the benefit of doubt: the cop wasn't racist. He was merely angry when he pocketed his taser, pulled out his gun and put a fatal bullet into Grant lying helplessly on the ground.

Simon also says, "Most documentaries are no more 'objective' than a Daily Kos blog post. Often they’re simply covert, ideology-driven prevarications [italics added] masked under the phony guise of objectivity that cloaks the genre."

I realize Simon no longer trusts liberals but does he trust, say, Fox News to be more "fair and balanced" than Daily Kos? And I wonder how Ed Murrow and Fred Friendly might have responded to the idea that "Harvest of Shame" or the See It Now special entitled "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy" were ideology-driven prevarications. Or would Simon generously exclude these two CBS fact-driven documentaries from his sweeping generalization?

Take this as my idea of a fact: author Simon has difficulty distinguishing between what is fact and what is fiction.

Art Woodstone
Roger, if you ever come in contact with Redford, tell him for me that I just added him to the list of people I don't like either. I may move him right up the list next to Obama. AND race has nothing to do with it.
I don't know if you read the comments, Roger, but in case you do. Please write more on the films you receive for Oscar consideration. From this article, the film you are seeing do not reach many of us in the country. I'm in KY and haven't even heard of the two films you talk about here. And, I keep up. :)

This is an interesting topic and folks like me would like to hear more from you on it.
They still giving out Oscars? Who knew? I gave up on Hollywierd years ago. This weekend's scheduled viewing: DVDs of 50's sci-fi - When Worlds Collide, Them, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
I believe the creator of the famous montage experiment was Lev Kuleshov, not Dovzhenko. Otherwise, spot on.
Thank God for brave Conservative souls like yourself to protect us from the evil, duplicitous Commie propaganda. Carry on good sir!