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Steven Malanga
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OMG !! What vitriol aimed at a stranger, at a person the comment maker has not met:

"Booker is a media whore empty suit, who is actually good at one thing- promoting Cory Booker!" -- tweeternotaleader

The article says clearly that Booker was an excellent mayor. And mayors always like attention. Why else put in the hours for such a job? Newark is a different city for having had Booker get control of city government and clean it up and get big investments to come aboard.
Gee, Cory Booker was an excellent mayor.

Who knew?

His campaign for Senator could have been better, but the election had an amazing low turnout -- 1/3 of normal for national elections -- as you could predict with the date that Chris Christie chose for Election Day. Plus that everybody was sure Booker was going to win.

Run Booker on a normal Election Day. Something like November. That might give a different result with the huge Democratic advantage in registration in Jersey.
Booker is a [bleeper], like Obama.
What happened to him? Nothing. He's the same person he's always been it's just that this time you all happen to be looking at what he is and not what you want him to be; i.e., the Obama complex.
tweeternotaleader October 23, 2013 at 4:56 PM
Booker is a media whore empty suit, who is actually good at one thing- promoting Cory Booker! NJ was just getting it as the election took place. Next time!
There are no "better financed" opponents for Booker in the Republican Party in NJ.

Lonegan is not really a Republican, he is a Libertarian and has run for governor and Senator repeatedly on that line.

He got the Republican nomination this time because he had the organization built up over the years and nobody else that ran had ever been heard of before.

Aside from Christie and perhaps his Lt Governor, I challenge anyone to name a single notable republican from NJ that isn't already in the House of Representatives (and therefore unlikely to be dumb enough to give up a safe House seat.
This wasn't so much a vote for Cory Booker as it was a referendum against Steve Lonegan, Tea Party darling extraordinaire. NO WAY did NJ want to send yet another Tea Party nut to Washington to hold the country hostage again. Had a Saint Bernard run against Steve Lonegan, NJ would've picked the Saint Bernard.
Booker has apparently suffered battle fatigue in his efforts to reform from within. Too bad.
Why do I need a comment?
Booker as the new messiah has an interesting and recently celebrated passion for quoting the Torah. If he showed that same open enthusiasm for the New Testament - he is supposed to also be a Baptist - he would of course be attacked as a fanatical nutjob, by the same groups who revere MLK.
Get serious guys. Cory is going to be Hillary's VP in 2016. Then in 2020 when she is "Too old" Cory will step in and take Barry's mantle as the black messiah. You read it here first.
Mayor Bookers' first term was amazingly successful in face of organized opposition, by Sharpe James and Donald Payne ive Senatoras well as the drug gangs.He did a good 48/14 job as mayor By the second term without Mccarthy and with continued opposition the struggle became more difficult. Newark will soon dearly miss him. Individually he is honest and sincere. He will make a very good creative Senator