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Theodore Dalrymple
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Every form of art doesn't need "artistic merit". Art doesn't exist to solely satisfy the establishment & the "elitist".

Sometimes art is just done purely for amusement. Art is what you make it.

You may not like Banksy but I do. He's not boring and he's a breath of fresh air.
In the scheme of things, Banksy is no fool; he gets this one perfectly right:

(Scroll down & READ.)
Quite amusing to see the rage produced by this simple column. Nothing says "mature" like hysterically attacking a couple-hundred word article that makes fun of a graffiti "artist." Clearly, the author didn't "strike a nerve" and the commenters here must be quite secure in their maturity... lol.
"the intended point of his wit is the utterly conventional"

Yes. Well our only consolation is that at some stage (God knows when) everyone will get tired of this anti-capitalism, Anglophobe stuff, and go on to something possibly even sillier.

The main lesson of the silliness going round presently - the anti-scientific "personal as the political" rubbish that dominates our time - is that humans don't get any cleverer. We look back at previous generations and scoff at their stupidity, not realising our own.
Many seem to express dislike of the good doctor's opinion of Banksy, but he is entirely correct. Banksy produces thoroughly predictable works, his subjects are so daring and avant garde, so, well, undifferent, just like everyone else's.

Sometimes clever and even witty, which is a definite cut above much else, but his choice of subject, the intended point of his wit is the utterly conventional.

Sometimes, the darling of the smart set is just that, the "darling", and perhaps many of the so scathing commenters here need to look a little past the bubble.
De gustibus non est disputandum ... but there's a reason why pop culture is popular.

mr. darlymple's condescencions are the stuff of elitist critique.... and hes got lots more of that stuff waiting should you ever get your head above the class war wall. banksy has amused millions cocking a snook at an art world as elitist as mr. darlymple- but not as widely published as the good d.
"a small silhouette of the Twin Towers, out of one of which grew a golden chrysanthemum, painted on to the base of a building on Staple Street. It was not one of the artist’s best efforts, but such is his renown that people hurried to see it before it disappeared, apparently under the impression that by doing so they were demonstrating their enthusiasm for art."

Gee, a 354 word proof of narcissism. Assuming this "Dalrymple" character is a real person? Not a caricature of a monarchist twit?
Murray Gell-Mann and it was 'dwarves'.
Peggy from Ireland October 21, 2013 at 8:26 AM
I'd find the chap more aesthetically pleasing than that Andy Warhole guy.

Tangential point: has the doctor ever expressed a fondness for the Impressionists?
Not verbatim: Richard Feynman once said he only excelled due to being surrounded by midgets. Still, there are midgets in physics, and there are those in the graffiti business.
A Banksy alter ego?

Oh. My. G-d!!
I am always puzzled by comments from people, like Jeane, who make insults without a point. One can only conclude it is hurt feelings covered with babyish rage.
"Modernist"? "Contemporary artist"? Doesn't Bansky do what many urban adolescents throughout the western world do? He engages in the "art form" known as graffiti. Such is his artistic merit, on a level equal to that of many less than half his age.
Theodore Dalrymple displays all the hide bound conservatism once the provence of the Royal Academy of Art in London. The impressionists wern't accepted then and modernists such as Warhol, Hirst and Banksy are beyond the pail for the traditionalists today. The popularity of today's contemporary artists is, in part reflected in the auctioneer's room.
It takes a truly mature art critic to admit his disdain for an artist based on a single example of his work and a dislike of his choice of targets.
Uh...."Banksy’s latest creation was a small silhouette of the Twin Towers, out of one of which grew a golden chrysanthemum"?

How about "...grew an explosion"?

Or did you really not see it?
"We don't want to grow up." As the old joke about the Lone Ranger went, when the Ranger said, Tonto, load up, we're surrounded by Apaches!" Tonto replied, WE? white man?
lumpenintelligentsia October 20, 2013 at 5:43 PM
One need only go to the article author's CJ Spring 2013 piece on Banksy to witness a commentator emboldened by some form of calling to dispense ad hominems with the flair and scathing glare of a froth-flecked Victorian missionary.

Irony does seem to escape the author, except when he condescends to acknowledge some fleeting, facile social commentary merit in a particular piece. Somewhat like a wise and kindly uncle to the wayward adolescence displayed by any who do not conform to his particular view of art.
@Jeanne: What trenchant wit -- and you know a little French too. I think you've added nicely to the doctor's point.
"The enormous interest his work arouses, disproportionate to its artistic merit"

You know, Doctor, these are precisely the words that come into my mind when I read votre merde.