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Steven Greenhut
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I think all of us in know, know by now that Jerry Brown is a coward. He does as he is told my the Obama Admin and other powerful democrats
I knew well when he ran as governor this time we knew exactly what he was all about "I will not raise taxes unless the voter approve it." translate "I will allow the bottom 90 percent to raise taxes on the top 10%" You have to love the fact that Jerry challenged Chris Christie "who is more in shape and more physical fit (The answer Candy Crowley) Hey jerry how about standing up against the public sector unions (now that is a fight I would watch)
I find it rather odd that Jerry's Alma Mater Saint Ignatius Prep In SF (a Good Jesuit school for the rich) celebrate him. What are they celebrating?, the fact that just about anyone in california with a license can perform an abortion, He supports gay marriage (personally I do not care but the Jesuits probably feed that same way) I may also add that Saint Ignatius teaches their young men and young women (I guess) the virtues of weaseling out of military service (that was something jerry did very well) I do recall one Saint Ignatius grad who later went on to Dartmouth tell me that only losers join the military ( at the time i was in the navy)
Well that is Jerry what about his lovely wife the Ms Ann Gust
Who is Ms Gust? the former CEO of GAP by the way GAP had all their manufacturing plants in California but to to increase taxes, rules and regulations moved plants to other countries. I am sure it was in the name of globalization and of course globalization is good for the poor in third world countries but it is even better for the wallets of the GAP executives. I agree that globalization is good for the poor but the other part of the equalization is building plants in free market societies but not the GAP they build plants in third world banana republics where all one has to do is paid off the politicians
That is my 2 cents enjoy
Gerry Brown has been a catastrophe for California. Saying that he tends to resist the left's worst inclinations is being generous in the extreme. He occasionally uses common sense and deviates from the hardest core left wing ideology, but the march toward destruction is scarcely slowed. As someone living in a border state, I dread the inevitable day that California's Marxist Utopia collapses entirely, and it's legions of brain-dead welfare state parasites and criminals flood out looking for greener pastures to destroy. Of course, this day will not affect the liberal elite architects of the state's ruin. The will be in their gated communities, security-controlled buildings, and exclusive neighborhoods, blaming Republicans for the predictable failure and public disorder of Socialism.
Ray Fleischman Jr. October 23, 2013 at 11:41 AM
I find it odd that there is not one mention of the Governor's pet project the High Speed Rail in this column and no mention of AB 32 which has sent electricity rates through the roof. Yes a big deal for Job Growth if you are manufacturing anything. The most unfortunate thing of all is the Democratic Party is no where near democratic anymore and it, as policy, embraces a system that is paramount opposite to the American founding IE Marxism. I often wonder as I look at Harry Reid's face or Boxer's or Pelosi's do you realize your are supporting a Socialist theory?
Jerry Brown is simply providing some cover while the state luches ever more to the left. The result of this is that those who produce instead of sponging off the rest are leaving. I've already written off California as a lost cause.

I mean, really - "squelch growth?" Isn't that the point?

Conservatives need to understand that the citizens of California, when they see their state sliding into the pit, will not somehow wake up and start electing Repubicans. It won't happen. Both Democratic control of the means of communication and Republican inability to speak plainly (as well as the movement by the Republican leadership toward a party that is nothing more than Democrat lite) on these issues means that no matter how bad things get Republicans will not be seen as a serious alternative. It ain't happening,.

The fact is that California Democrats place no importance on prosperity - as an issue this is of minimal importance - in fact, poverty is the goal, not prosperity. So the people are fated to become more and more poor, which is fine with Democrats, since the poor uniformly vote Democrat. I mean really - why would Democrats propmote policies aimed at making the people they govern more well off?

Of course not - the Democrats are perfectly happy ensuring that the people they govern remain poor, since it ensures that they continue to vote for Democrats. There is no better example of this than California, which has gone from first to worst.

The message then, for the citizens of California? It is simply this: unless you like poverty, unless you are perfectly comfortable living off the sweat of others, get out before the government finds a way to tax those who want to leave.
Dissolve the wall of debt: have Mexico pay for all costs for the mess caused by Mexico in the U.S.. Like California can not abet aliens (US Code section 1324).
As it is illegal for American citizens to pay taxes to participate in law breaking nor can the state receive those zillions of dollars to participate in law breaking.
California is in the latter stages of solidifying into a permanent leftist welfare state.

The electronic and print media distort or hide the truth to fit their leftist world view. The K-12 system reliably indoctrinates children into the same world view. Popular culture reinforces the idiotic and destructive leftism that has slowly destroyed the once Golden State.

California will be like New York State....a once prosperous state from which many people will flee.

I hope I am wrong but there is nothing on the horizon to make me thing otherwise.
Minority Bolshevism October 20, 2013 at 8:17 PM
Governor Brown is a passive-aggressive progressive.