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Nicole Gelinas
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What about de Blasio leads you to say that he understands budget constraints?

Specifically, how does he understand budgeting better than the others running for mayor.

I honestly don't know the candidates and am asking sincerely.
The union wage scale and demands will finally finish off CH and the other venues in NYC. Ticket prices and contributions will not be able to match the demands of those who are not challenged in their work: the unions.
As an out of towner, I am not interested in paying more for a below average hotel or for union workers that do not have any performance skills but only demands for more and more.
My wife and I take the Transit into NYC and then a cab to the Early Music Christmas concert. It would be nice to overnight and enjoy the Metropolitan and other venues. But we are senior citizens, on a fixed income, and our annual income is far, far less than the $400,000 that the unon stage hands demand.
So much for NYC or the Big Apple that is going to be pealed to the core by the incoming Democrat as mayor.
OMG !! Five unionized stage hands get paid like they were lawyers!

(They're getting paid the bucks largely because they move very expensive pianos, very expensive scenery and other items, and keep track of everything that happens on stage. CH pays about twice what most venues pay for these positions.)

de Blasio understands budget constraints. Considering what Bloomberg did to raise the money going to teachers and getting better teachers as a result, you can expect sensible actions going forward.
Overall this is a decent article to be honest, very vague..."uniformed workers". Let's be specific this means transit cops and sanitation workers. Which makes me and most of my compatriots admit, we made a big mistake going to college...we should have gone union.
With all respect how many are earnign $400,000 after all this is also many mulitples of what the chorus and back earn?

I have a question really is medical insurance the way to go. In the 1980's about 10% of GDP went in insurance compared to about 9% in Europe for public health. Now in the US about 20% of GDP goes in medical insurance, while it is sill about 9% in Europe.

I must admit education to 18 and health are two things I think of a "public goods", like defence and police and most fo the rest should be private.
Let't Talk, Candidly October 17, 2013 at 7:59 PM
Yet people keep voting for these corrupt liberal Mayors - so they get what they deserve.

Their skill is in manipulating the system solely for their own good, like most public union members -- and at the expense of the taxpayer. If a $400K salary for this type of work doesn't prove it, nothing will.

And as is typically the case, it's the poor and middle class that will be hurt the most. Sadly, many of them don't realize it, or that many of the people who make millions on Wall Street have moved to Connecticut, and more will do so in the future.

New York City has become "a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there..."
What specific skill do they have that merits 400K a year? That's amazing.