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Steven Malanga
New York’s Hospital Challenge « Back to Story

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Right Wing madness, hoping that New York tanks after di Blasio's election ???

"When de Blasio is elected, Detroit, here we come. Elect a pinko (actually a Red), and that's what happens."

Gee, the one substantial change from Bill is pushing for pre-kindergarten schooling for poor kids. That's going to kick us to being the post-auto-industry Detroit... NOT.
I'm sorry, but de Blasio has protested with some effect getting funds for public hospitals. His opponent has done nothing.

The big change is not mentioned in the article. That is the increase to Community Health Centers (a.k.a. FQHCs) that replace the emergency rooms. That is included in the PPACA Act with billions of dollars more to assure success.

Credit Bernie Sanders, the Socialist, for getting that CHC socialize medicine expansion. Exactly what people need here.
How can you not address the issue of medical liability insurance? New York's medical liability insurance costs are the highest in the US -- more than twice the next highest, California, a state with a much higher population. It's gotten so bad, some hospitals are "going naked" and practicing with no insurance at all, just to keep the doors open.
DeBlasio will make David Dinkins look like Rudy Giuliani. New Yorkers simply have no idea what they're in for.
Leadership seems to be in extraordinary short supply, alas.
When de Blasio is elected, Detroit, here we come. Elect a pinko (actually a Red), and that's what happens. Any questions? Any answers? Any rags, any bones, any bottles today?