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Ethan Epstein
Washington’s Battle of the Skyline « Back to Story

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Of course there is another way to lower demand and lower overheated prices that is not even noted in the article. (Though the high limits need to be repealed).

Downsize the rapidly growing federal government (or move it out of DC metro area). It is responsible for the growth of the area, as the rest of the nation is still deep in a recession. Building an federal "economy" on the backs of taxpayer of the rest of the country is not sustainable.
Washington once had a population of 200,000 more people than it does now. There is still plenty of un- and under-developed parcels in DC, especially once you leave the NW quadrant. After those are built on, THEN let's talk about raising the existing height restrictions.
I have always wondered why Washington DC and Pyongyang looked so much alike.