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Peter W. Huber
Who Owns the Code of Life? « Back to Story

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Make no mistake. The government in the end will own this. They already own everyone and everything in this nation. No? Try not paying income, sales, excise etc. taxes or the kings rent Euphemistically called property taxes) on your supposed home. Just a few years ago our esteemed Supreme Court, the guardians of your rights, gave the government the power to condemn and size your home for any reason it deems to be "for the public good". The NSA in the name of protecting us listens to everything we say and reads everything we write. Do you actually believe that they won't seize and control something so powerful as the human genetic code? They will create a new government agency exactly like the IRS, EPA, OSHA and dozens of others that control all other aspects of life specifically for this one. And as usual, it will be "for our own good".
Maybe each living creature "owns" its personal genetic code, but it will take investment in gene technology before humans can actually "read" it and "write" new code to cure genetic defects, create useful drugs through genetic manipulation, etc. Such a ruling reduces that investment potential.
If it's in me, I own it. End of discussion.
Whenever I meet with the word "robust"
I immediately stop reading.
"Who owns the code of life?" - Just a guess....God?