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Matthew Hennessey
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A few years back we saw "Back To The Future".

Mayor Bill now wants to treat us to The Sequal:

"Forward To The Past" !
We are about to begin an exciting new Progressive era in NYC. Some people will receive more rights and benefits. Others (workers, productive people) will see their rights and wealth reduced in a bold new social experiment.
OMG. The hoaxes of right wing propaganda, the paranoia: put out in a putrid collection plus comments. Before a brief list of embarrassing quotes we can note that applying solid management techniques to New York City police work did show positive results, beginning certainly with the last administration of Mayor Dinkins. The list:

-- Of deBlasio: "...someone who represents the days of high crime, no jobs, terrible living conditions and the like.... (and) for Democrats... these conditions are not to be avoided, but to be embraced."

-- "Children being shot on the street, maniacs slashing joggers in the park, lawlessness on the highways—a visitor could be forgiven for thinking that it’s 1977 all over again...."

-- "(de Blasio) and a radical-progressive city council have repeatedly promised to undermine (police reforms)"

-- "de Blasio and Sheindlin will cause a great deal of ruin"

Most amazingly:

-- "Just as Kelling and Wilson might have predicted, the criminals appear to have gotten the message (as an appeal court decision requiring reporting on Stop-And-Frisk brought) the city experienced a spike in gun-related violence...."

The street gangs' access to illegal guns and a crazy person with a knife are attributed to judicial support for the Fourth Amendment and prospects of a left/center mayoral candidate whipping a RWNJ slandering creep.

de Blasio is an ordinary, decent person. He understands how policing in New York is different from the softer systems in place in Chicago and the California gang-dominated areas. New York has hundreds of undercover officers in projects that have developed over 35 years. Of course New York spends a lot of money putting cops on the beat and undercover -- much more than the areas of America with high crime.

de Blasio will do fine. Paranoia and fear mongering will be seen for what they are: efforts to sell hoaxes in service of a fantasy dystopia.
I suggest a lottery to raise funds to buy the homes adjacent to Judge SAS. Invite a perp released due to her order to dwell in each, rent free for the duration of the judges stay at that address. Repeat as necessary.
I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how it could be that the people of the City would elect someone who represents the days of high crime, no jobs, terrible living conditions and the like.

I finally realized that for Democrats - those in power, these conditions are not to be avoided, but to be embraced. After all, just who leaves when the City becomes filled with crime, when the jobs disappear, when life becomes unlivable? The answer is those who oppose the Democrats leave.

So, for Democrats, more crime, no jobs, bad quality of life is the answer to
consolidating power. Two New Yorks? Well, for Democrats the rich can just leave. In the meantime, although the City will become a basket case, it will be a Democratic basket case.

Don't believe that Democrats think in these terms? Then you explain to me how places like Detroit become Detroit, how the City of Newark in my home state could still be in terrible shape a half a century after the riots, ditto dozens of other places. These people do not want to solve problems, they want to ensure that the problems are never solved. And we now have an example of problems being solved then people re-elect those that caused the terrible conditions in the first place.

There are people of bad will about and they belong to the political party that stands for corruption, misery and poverty -
New Yorkers want liberalism to take back the streets. Let them put their liberal policies in place and watch the rise of the feral.

Not being New Yorkers, what conclusions are the rest of us to draw from this article? Don’t vote for Bill de Blasio – legally we can’t. Don’t vote for de Blasio if he should run for America’s president in the future – that’s a very far reaching and unnecessary caution. Stay out of New York City for the next few years, quickly turn your Range Rover away from the path of motorcycle gangs, start carrying mugger money if you must visit New York? New Yorkers need to get over themselves – you’re no longer the public face of America except in the eyes of the world’s terrorists.

Other cities in Kentucky, Arizona or Idaho for example never experienced New York’s previous era of runaway crime – they didn’t fix it, they simply wouldn’t allow such lawlessness to occur. Whatever sickness formerly possessed New York’s electorate never took root in most American cities – have you asked yourselves why? Basic police procedures haven’t changed in 5,000 years but New Yorkers required a noted sociologist and a famous criminologist to re-discover the simple truths of basic police work – have you asked yourselves why?

Face facts relating to your self-destructive behavior – could it be an irrational compulsion brought on by a high density population or perhaps something in your water supply or maybe your proximity to New Jersey. Other large American cities are going through or have gone through the same sickness New Yorkers embraced in the past. Chicago experiences a rash of murders each and every week-end and simply shrugs off the obvious cultural implications. In Detroit, the solution to unceasing crime was simply to move away, over half the population did so. The remainder of Detroit’s wretched citizenry still murder each other in sometimes brutal and shocking ways but what’s the point in attempting to mug poverty stricken citizens carrying even less valuables than their assailant?

The former grandeur and sophistication of the Big Apple is still cherished by many among the media – they carry a torch for New York of the 1950’s, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the fabulous Broadway productions, the fresh faced farm girls from the Midwest looking to make it in New York City. That’s all passed however and what’s the point of dwelling in the past?

Today’s New York is just another decaying American city going through your self-destructive pendulum swings – go to the ATM, withdraw some mugger money and hope for the best. You probably deserve better city government than you are about to receive but for some obscure reason you’re determined to reject it.
de Blasio and Sheindlin will cause a great deal of ruin, and likely pay for little of it.

The public opinion surveys indicate the voters of New York will be learning the hard way if they are capable of learning at all.
Focusing on high profile crimes by crazies is not helpful. The question is, do New Yorkers face more routine muggings, burglaries, assaults, as in the 70s. In other words, is daily life more uncomfortable?
The author writes of the horrible '70s and '80s, and the bad times until 25 years ago, apparently forgetting that the city's crime problem was terrible into the '90s, with the city's highest murder counts in 1990-1993 (the Dinkins years).
What's really sad to say is that Antiq Hennis was already doomed to a degraded life by virtue of having a "super gangbanger" dad.
Richard McDermott October 12, 2013 at 3:11 AM
The almost certain election of Bill de Blasio as mayor will mean the appointment of an Al Sharpton type of police commissioner.
Excellent article, as usual.
Actually, it wasn't incidental contact between the biker and Lien -- the biker "brake-checked" the driver to force him to stop, and then the mob of over a hundred biker thugs surrounded the hapless family and began to bash his windows (all on the video that one of the thugs proudly recorded with his helmet camera).

The driver, terrified, gunned his Range Rover and ran over a couple of motorcycles the thugs had laid down in the road to hem him in. He floored it to escape, but they had already managed to slash one of his tires.

Watch the entire video on Youtube (it's just over 6 minutes long, and horrifying). It's like "The Lord of the Flies."

I hope Judge Sheindlin is mugged. No one deserves it more: she has bared our throats for the knife, and is directly responsible for the spike in the murder and violent crime rates.

Also, anyone who votes for an actual communist to be the mayor of any American city is a treasonous cretin.