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Kay S. Hymowitz
De Blasio’s Inequality Dodge « Back to Story

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Ms. Hymowitz article is outstanding journalism. It brings to light truths that must be told, otherwise, every candidates campaign will be a mirage. A great article.
what the white gentry has done in Brooklyn is going on elsewhere in many places. Oakland, CA, used to be a byword for black gang activity, drugs, shootings. Now large parts of it are gentrified and occupied by white gentry. San Francisco used to be about 30% black, not it is about 3% black. Blacks can't afford to live there. White developers buy up space and outprice the inhabitants. As long as the politicians talk about let's get the rich, the rich can do whatever they want. DC is another example. The majority is no longer african american and we hear no more calls for statehood. Conservatives should not worry about NYC, chances are it is too valuable to white liberals for them to let it go the way of Detroit. The dishonesty and hypocrisy is amazing. What is even worse is that liberal money is increasingly not business. It derives from taxpayers and from crony capitalism, dishonest deals that enrich a few. White liberals seem to want to do what the communists did, everyone stays poor, unless you are a connected party member. In that case, you donít even need money, you can just call for anything you want. A few blacks, like Obama, will be allowed into this privileged group. The rest will be relegated to the position of blacks in Brazil and other poor nations with permanent large underclasses. What matters is the rhetoric of hate the rich. Action is not required.
Mass prosperity created by the west seems to have had its day. It was unusual, even abnormal, when one considers that grinding poverty has always been the human norm. Those we call poor are richer than the rich 100 years ago, and richer than most people on earth. That is going to be a thing of the past.
Lol, MM should move to wherever the hell they came from which I'm willing to bet is Europe. Gentrification does nothing but exclude the poor, working and middle class and encourage more greedy rich people, thus turning New York into a place where only the wealthy can live. This is a messed up notion, especially for the many individuals who grew up here, only for them to be told to leave by privileged idiots like you.

Why should we be forced to move from a place that has given us memories and history. I also think it's pretty classist and racist to imply that such "change" and "progress" is good when it only leads to one of the most diverse cities in the world to turning into into a place for the rich and White only.

Explain to me how is that supposed to be progress? If anything, it's a form of segregation and oppression. And if I recall correctly, isn't progress about giving everyone the opportunity to live happily and freely alongside another?

Please educate yourself before spewing out nonsense; you sound an idiot who isn't aware of their privilege.
Oh wow, MM - that old saw - move if you don t' like something - is just TOOO tired.
bitter much? I get so tired of these gentrification rants. If you don't like growth and change. Move to Detroit.
An excellent article.

One correction - Mr. Talde never won Top Chef. He was merely a contestant.