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Matthew Hennessey
Matured, Or Just Older? « Back to Story

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And here I thought there were actual conservatives out there reading City Journal-silly me. Thank you Mr. Hennessey for your insightful article. DiBlasio is like the tenured Marxists that fill our universities today. They too were rabble rousers in their "youth" and after stewing in the leftist cauldron for decades they too are just older. Maturity comes with wisdom and these miscreants are nothing short of imbeciles. No wisdom there sir-not remotely.
Hennessey, I assume you would rather have Oliver North as Mayor of NY. If democracy is a reliable guide, de Blasio would be a shoo-in to become New York City’s next mayor.
Question: if Mr. Sandinista is elected, will he do anything to NYC's fine post-9/11 anti-terrorism security/intel-gathering apparatus?
Does Hennessey have any idea who or what the Sandinistas are or were ????? That the movement started in the 1930s in opposition to a U.S. mercenary invasion, now named for Augusto César Sandino.

That the Sandinistas are now elected to the presidency, were originally elected in 1984 and voted out in 1990. That they are a normal political party that stopped militia operations when the "Contras" were defunded/disbanded.

Has Hennessey forgotten the Iran/Contra Scandal ????? Weapons to Iran as the embassy hostages were held until the day of Reagan's Inauguration. Drugs sold in America to pay for "Contra" terrorism in Nicaragua. Reagan and his people drenched in swill pools of corruption. And that's not talking about having U.S. Navy ships bombard Arab villages up hill from Beirut -- getting the embassy bombed in April, 1983, then the Marine BLT in October and a couple more for 398 dead. Iran killed those 398 people as revenge for the shellings and that's what let them set up Hezbollah in 1985.

Or maybe Hennessey doesn't know about blowback?

Gee, folks, Bill supported the Sandinista health care programs. Leftist Running Dog, that one. Thanks for the reminder that the 1980s were a time of shoot-from-the-hip cowboy-in-the-White-House madness.

Vote accordingly.
Seems to me somewhat ironic that City Journal has now run two pieces that question DeBlasio's potential leftist-leanings based on his past political associations and activities. After all, who would have ever thought that someone like a Bloomberg would turn out to be as much of a control freak as he is? Time will tell whether DeBlasio continues Gotham's current arc towards regulating every aspect of its citizens' lives (while allowing crime to hold sway). But NYC's residents should never forget that if their metropolis begins to burden them even more than it does now, the blame for the trend lies with its current mayor. Not to mention that with the rising ascendency of Nicaraguan cigars, perhaps DeBlasio, in his youth, was merely riding the crest of a wave now breaking on America's shores. In Bloomberg's world, tobacco would be outlawed entirely. But I digress. . . .
Good for him.
The Reagan-supported contras were nothing more than hired thugs who terrorized the local population. The real freedom fighters were the Sandinistas.