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Matthew Hennessey
Families Are Off-Limits—Unless They’re Republican « Back to Story

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dennis not Andrew fake fake peeps yall suck
@Art you don't need to be an adulterer to fail in the home. Although it's the most common example.
I would have thought that anyone who votes for someone, or equally votes against someone, because of the candidate's children has a serious inability to grasp what the issues of the day are or what the politician can or can't do in office.
"The slime put out in 2004 about Kerry and his wife and their children"

What slime? Theresa Kerry was laughed at; who said anything about his daughters?
Good luck avoiding candidates who have failed in the home. Since everyone from Clinton on down has failed in that area.

You think all working politicians are serial adulterers?
The media were obsessive about covering Amy Carter and publishing her mug, even though she did not make public statements. Saturday Night Live and editorial cartoonists did depict her, however, and she was a character in the comic strip Rooftop O'Toole. IIRC, SNL was mildly disrespectful, but mostly in the service of goosing her father. Carter's sons were completely ignored.

I think Limbaugh and his staff made one tasteless joke about Chelsea Clinton ("Now I am going to show a picture of the White House dog..."). Gary Aldrich, recalling his time working in the White House, said as far as he could tell, Chelsea Clinton was an ordinary adolescent and once lost her temper with a Secret Service agent, calling him her 'personally trained pig'. He said the media portrayal of Chelsea bore little resemblance to her. (The media also avoided until 2001 reporting that Hillary's brother Hugh was living with them at one point).

I do not recall the media attacking Barbara Bush. It was Jenna who was attacked (by the New York Post and Margaret Carlson) and not for 'rich girl' behavior, but for the sort of vulgarity that is common among co-eds. Jonah Goldberg offered this explanation for the posts behavior: Jenna provided better visuals. Margaret Carlson could be written off as someone mired in a high school mentality (like a great many liberals, but with a bitchy girl twist).

The treatment of Palin in this matter was truly appalling. Of course, had she left Trig with caregivers, she would have been attacked for that too.
Am I to believe my eyes? Is there actually someone in the Great Blue State of New York who actually believes there exists a double standard in the Media and in political discourse. Danger! Warning!Eject! Reset! If
this kind of blatant 'hate speech' is allowed to continue, before long there could be wholesale re-examination of the competency of the Obama Presidency! FCH
Good luck avoiding candidates who have failed in the home. Since everyone from Clinton on down has failed in that area.
-- "Only in politics does the Job Applicant think he can show up with their kids for the interview."

And should. Participating in a healthy family is the best recommendation I can think of to hold a high public office. A position of trust.

Also, "no success outside the home can compensate for failure within the home." We can do well to avoid candidates who fail inside the home -- you betcha!
Well, let's see about that:

-- "The White House dog" on television about Chelsea Clinton when she was 13-years old

-- The case of Alan David Berlin and what all he had said about Democrats and their families over the years

-- The slime put out in 2004 about Kerry and his wife and their children

Get over it, ye shills. Of course Mayor Bloomberg is "entitled." He's a billionaire. And the chance that he would ever in a million years have considerd marrying a Black woman is in the one-over-a-googol range.
MJUDall please, it wasn't just a few jokes the republican spokesman RUSH LIMBAUGH called a 12 year old Chelsea a dog on his national show. SNL constantly made fun of her Oh and another great Republican John Mccain said janet reno was her father, and Chelsea was even a pregnant teenager who family preached family values and abstinance. As far Bill Deblasio is concerned he has every right to feature his family like ALL politicans do can't count the number of time I saw palin carrying trig around on stage heck she even got a tv show for her family(alaska). What do you want Bill to do hide his family? of perhaps if Bill's son cut his hair bleached his skin it would be more acceptable?
People claiming that Clinton, Carter and Obama's kids went through the same treatment as Palin's kids and her family in 2008, you're crazy. They didn't. Yeah there were a few Chelsea is ugly jokes.
And let's face it, she was and is.
Andrew Sullivan wasn't just a blogger as someone here pointed out. He was, at the time in 2008, peddling an obscene rumor that Sarah Palin did not birth him herself. He's is now the laughing stock of the media, but before that he was a highly prominent journalist who was taken very seriously by the main stream media.
I do not even recall any jokes made about Carter, Clinton, Bush or Obama that were as vile and vicious as what was hurled at Palin's kids from the so called tolerant left.
And yes, Bill DeBlasio did win the primary because he featured his son, who happens to look a lot like a young Obama, with a giant Angela Davis fro in order to secure the black vote in NYC.
And that's flat out disgusting and cynical.
"..., is a liberal hero, running on a platform of ending the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics, taxing the wealthy to pay for pre-kindergarten and after-school programs, and closing the gap between rich and poor."

Sounds like a good place to be FROM - a free-fire zone, run for the benefit of the WARDS OF THE STATE

how can I short sell their public debt?

Oops...left in 1968...not my problem, they're SCREWED, to use an economist's technical term! :)
So a blogger making statements about family is the same as another politicians making statements about family? you don't cite any instances of another politicians making statements about Sarah Palin's family... because oh wait, no one did.
Yes, SNL and Rush Limbaugh did make fun of Chelsea Clinton. The rest of the media just wasn't that interested in her.

I'm also not aware that Sarah Palin actually did do that much campaigning with her son Trig. Certainly, Andrew Sullivan noticed and made much of it. The rest of the country didn't, so far as I know. You'd have done better to take Sullivan's comments as a gratuitous exercise of malice.
Only in politics does the Job Applicant think he can show up with their kids for the interview.
There's a definite double standard but not all Dem children are left untouched. Jokes about Amy Carter's appearance come to mind.

That said, I don't recall any would-be politicians telling people that Obama's daughters should be raped.

The same cannot be said for W.
Do you really beleive what you wrote? the media constantly made fun of chelsea from saturday night live to ruch limbaugh. I think you need to revist how some of the dem children were treated.