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Scott Beyer
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My question to Vishaan Chakrabarti would be does he have children?
If children can play in a yard while Mum or Dad is working in the house, they can't go to the park unsupervised until they are much older.
I have lived in Japan, children go to extra classes before and after school, they then do homework on top and play a lot of computer games; that is they play little sport, often. Diet keeps them slim, from my observations, almost exclusivity.
I am just don't see how caughting a bus rather than driving stops obesity, I think that with "green" activities the suburbs can become just as green as cities.
Yards are more than big enough often for fruit trees and a vegetable plot, a good compost can re-cylce and improve soil and reduce the need for fertiliser. Pathways are safe for cycling, walking or running. A small car and car sharing cuts fuel use by 2/3 if two families take it in turn to share a car and both get smaller cars.
I have a large vegetable plot and fruit trees, a compost that takes all the waste vegetable and chickens that eat the rest. In summer we get 60% of our food from the garden and winter about 20% plus what we froze from summer, we also eat less meat now, and more fruit and vegetables.
If companies decentralise jobs to work hubs in the suburbs, then we could even get most people with encouragement to walk or cycle to work. If you work in an open plan office, what is the diference to having a webcast in the hub office? Computers monitor work output.

Akin to suggesting that everyone should like vanilla.
Give me a Break!! This is just another land grab planned by the Un Agenda 21 crowd.The Colleges have been teaching this crap for ages and now they are implemting it.Control over our lives.When will the peole wake up.