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Steven Malanga
Elmore Leonard, Cowboy « Back to Story

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"1950-60 was an era of moral clarity" Sort of says it all as to why America has been decaying since the late 60's.

When we allowed the liberal academics to take over our schools, media and entertainment we began to see the wavering of our leaders, our own understanding of right from wrong and actually moral decay.

To say we are enlightened from the 50 and early 60's is to laugh at a people hell bent on self destruction through moral ambiguity and political correctness.
When everyone speaks of "Cool hand Luke" I say "Hombre" as you said a great movie in the era of great movies the 1960's
I've not read an Elmore Leonard novel in either genre I didn't like. My all time favorite, though, is Killshot. Hands down.
He was great. One of my personal favorites is "Maximum Bob."
Who could resist reading Elmore's novels after reading this wonderful review?
Great article. I wonder how much of Leonard's transition from Westerns to crime novels had to do with market trends (which of course, in a way, could be a reflection of the rise of moral relativism pointed out in the article).
Most insightful take on an irreplaceable writer...