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To B.S. Davis: To answer your query, there's a simple reason why many involved in the diversity industry have no problem sleeping at night. It's because many of them make a lot of money out of it.
There is something almost comical about the whole diversity racket, and it is a shame that those opposed to it have no affilation with the entertainment industry, which itself is an almost exclusively white male dominated industry - not that anyone's counting since there isn't any diversicrats in Hollywood.

There is something just so pathetic, even bizarre about people running around spending taxpayer money separating everyone else into groups based on carefully selected ethnic, racial, gender, and even sexual preferences, then using those divisions to support entrance into a massive state university system. How do these people sleep at night?

Pathetic, bizarre, but also un-American, but then again California insists on voting for politicians who support the system (or are afraid to do anything about it) and who appoint the Judges that pass favorably on the clearly unconstitutional nature of such preferences. Bizarre and pathetic yes, but also tragic for those students who have to watch as others get into schools based on the color of thier skin, their ethnic background or their sex. Of course those who are adversely affected by such a system vote on it witht thier feet, which is all to the good for those who run the system. After all that's less votes for politicians who might be opposed to the whole rotten edifice.

There is no way that a system based on diversity as seen by these people can survive with its academic integrity intact. The result must be a dumbing down, which IS a tragedy.
Question to Joe: What took you so long?
David W. Nicholas August 02, 2013 at 10:13 PM
You forgot to mention the most absurd part of the hiring of the new diversity vice-chancellor: they paid her a bonus of $50k to move from Chicago to San Diego, in the fall. Seriously? Shouldn't she have been paying them for the privilege of avoiding another Chicago winter?
Thanks for confirming my decision to no longer donate to my alma mater, UCLA. I despise wasting taxpayer money and rewarding people for anything other than pure merit.

Besides, I'm confident that I've more than done my fair share of "giving" through the substantial CA income taxes I've already paid...
Colleges are supposed to be institutions for "higher education" prep schools junior colleges are better suited to help students get up to grade.