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Jack Dunphy
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There is no doubt that Cannabis has medical uses. 22 countries have made it available by prescription for a variety of disorders.

It is blessing for those with multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy induced nausea.

Anybody who has seen a loved one go thru the agony of chemo knows how important. medical marijuana legalization is.


Here's an excerpt.

As of December 2010, the company has obtained regulatory approval in Spain, New Zealand, and the UK for Sativex® Oromucosal Spray, a controlled-dose whole-plant extract. Sativex® was approved in Canada for symptomatic relief of neuropathic pain in 2005, in 2007 for patients with advanced cancer whose pain is not fully alleviated by opiods, and in 2010 for spasticity related to multiple sclerosis. Sativex has been made available either for named patient prescription use or for clinical trials purposes in a total of 22 countries -
Medical marijuana is an oxymoron. Herbal medicine has been traditionally used for thousands of years around the globe–but never marijuana, It is shunned in all real natural medicines because every traditional medical culture, European, Native American, Auruveda, Chinese, Tibetan– knows the awful side effects. It is a harmful plant to the human body and mind.
Jack, I'd recommend you spend a bit of time ding some research on the true medical effects of the plant. I am NOT a user, don't intend to be. I do know a number of people with medical conditions that certainly ARE alleviated, or made tolerable, by the stuff. I've read a fair bit of valid research that confirms certain benefits from the plant. While I'd have to agree that MOST current users in California don't relly NEED it, I also see no problem with its use.. PROVIDED it is used responsibly. SOme of the research I have done shows it is NOT addictive, has led to precisely zero deaths, is a powerful antiinflamatory (wiht NONE of the nasty and debilitating side effects of the NSAID class of pharmaceuticals), a fairly strong analgesic (far safer to use than morphine, codeine, xanax, with none of the side effects, hangovers, "drugged" effect lingering for days.. I know, I've been prescribed most of them after an injury and resultant surgeries... could hardly wait to get OFF them. Wretched things.. AND they play havoc with liver, speel, kidneys.. which marijuana does not do)

As to FedGov, there is NO authority given them to control or regulate ANY substance we put into our bodies. And their hysterical "interstate commerce" charade is a sick joke, based on a twisted SCOTUS ruling in about 1934, Filburn, I think it was, essentially (and wrongly) "giving" power to FedGov to control ALL commerce everywhere on the premise that it did, could have, or might yet, travel in interstate commerce.... NOT the intent of the commerce clause at all. California, and all the other states legalising it (what, eighteen now?) need to pass binding laws nullifying the Federal Controlled Substances Act which law shall forbid the Federal Government from enforcing or limiting all trade or use of marijuana, and provide penalties for any agents who violate it. Yes, jail the DEA and DoJ if they even attempt to make any arrests or even investigate inside the ruling state. If the legislatures won't do it, time the citizens cranked up the petition drives again and WE do it.

Again, I am NOT a user, don't care to be. But this issue is a farce.... wastes billions of tax dollars, millions of hours of manpower and ruins the lives and productivity of tens of thousands of non-criminals. And WHO profits besides the "enforcers", lawyers, jailers, courts? The pharmaceutical manufacturers, of course. Their products are at risk when a substitute can be grown in one's closet for next to nothing. They don't like that one bit. Follow the money.