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Tevi Troy
When the President Came to Town « Back to Story

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Excellent and interesting piece. I'd just note that Lincoln visited NYC before he was nominated, but not during the actual campaign. He never left Springfield during that campaign.
Now if NY voters would stop electing silly inane leftist progressive Dem mayors and legislators, perhaps they would not have such high taxes, regs, over spending records making NY just another Blue State City look like....Detroit in the making. And then those Presidents must look at NY as a place where the last few Senators, guvs, and mayors look more like Tammany Hall than anything which would help out the hard working citizens...not on food stamps or welfare.
Since they cannot get a large soft drink, the candidates will not want to go to New York
On 30 November, 2011, around 8pm, the president travelled through my neighborhood on the Lower East Side. He was on his way to or from an "event". The police cleared all the cars from the street (E. 12th St.); nobody was allowed to cross the street for a long time, which was very inconvenient for many, including myself, who had to wait for the motorcade to pass. That motorcade was huge: at least of score of cars traveling very fast. I was left with an impression of Obama's aloofness and contempt for citizens. I've lived in the neighborhood for forty years and have never seen anything like it.
It's worse than the author thinks. There won't really be presidential elections for quite a while. The Democrats have forged an unchallengeable electoral majority.

The real contest from now til who knows when will be the one for the Democratic nomination.
In the Rick Riordan books, L.A. is the entrance to the underworld, but Mount Olympus is on the mythical 800th floor of the Empire State Building. Does this give us a hint about real life American politics?
I would have thought Pres. Kennedy to be so paranoid about Jackie "finding out" about his extramarital escapades that Jackie would have been the LAST person on earth he would have questioned in that regard. Are you certain he did?