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Theodore Dalrymple
Trouble in Paradise « Back to Story

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I loved your line about the "moral exemplar" and admit a certain lowness in my own character when I was somewhat happy to read about the riots in British Columbia a year or so back (not even in nasty old French-speaking Quebec, but in that pristine province, British Columbia!), and those rioting were middle class white people due to losing a hockey championship. Canada may be nice and all, but I am one American who is totally sick of hearing about how morally great they are, all the time, and to see this chink in the illusion was rather fun.

Now I am going to go further and reveal myself as a racist (that's fine, the word has been stripped of all meaning), but really, Sweden, accepting in SOMALIS? War-lord, pirating, chaotic, little-girl-clitoris-scraping off Somalis? You've got to be kidding, those people will need a hundred more years or so of civilizing before they should be allowed to even set foot in a country like Sweden. What makes Sweden work is that the country is full of honorable, earnest, hard-working, great-worth-ethic, talented, industrious, proud, committed, and 100% civilized people. They didn't need to start accepting into their midst people who couldn't possibly measure up to the standards of their society. This is a complete dilution of the "social agreement" that they all have accepted to follow and to contribute to. Now they're stuck with a whole segment of society that is just a ball and chain.
When *America* sneezes *Europe* catches a cold.
robert straschewski October 22, 2013 at 7:38 AM
Sally, you have it wrong - we in "Yankland" have been following the example of the europeans, with predictible result.
Sally J. Friedman October 10, 2013 at 7:04 AM
Yeah, we Europeans should slavishly follow the experienced folk of Yankland.

Or maybe not.
The behaviour of Swedish authorities is racism in its purest form. People should be left to their own devices in order to integrate and be a contributing member of society.

Instead, immigrants are taken by the hand and pampered by officials, thereby undermining any effort to achieve success on their own accord.

The idea that 'poor immigrants' need aid, financially or otherwise, is pure racism and will perpetuate generations of welfare families.
" But generosity does not necessarily produce gratitude." This one sentence stands out. As any student of Socialism can tell you, welfare state generosity does not produce gratitude. It produces resentment, both at being dependent, and at not being awarded compensation in line with the recipient's desires. As a US resident, I've seen the establishment of a primarily African-American, welfare dependent criminal class in the States. Elsewhere the ethnic makeup is different, but human nature is mostly the same. The hand that feeds is frequently met with bared teeth.
I'm a simple man I believe in simple things. For instance:
Why was there a war in Gaul in 50 BCE?
Why was there a war in Palestine in 70 CE?
Why is North Korea so belligerent?
Why does USA want to teach the world everything but not allow its citizens to be subject to World Law?

The simple answer is that one side thought that they were exempt to common rules!
The rules did not apply to them. Exceptionalism! Exceptionalism allows for my crimes to be exempt but not yours! This hypocrisy is rampant everywhere today!

Well the Koran says Islam is the ultimate religion and other rules don't apply to Muslims.
That Socialist deconstructionist theory allows multiple views in society then there is no rule of law because the rules don't apply to me and I'm Everyman!

Debate leads to a view seen as weakness by one side and provided debate continues the other side feels secure. At some stage continuous infractions must lead to war -- the ultimate diplomatic negotiation principle of Bismark! Socialist only see world unity. Muslims only see world unity. USA only see world democracy US style. All believe that their hearts are in the right place. I do it for your good! (The Ultimate Fascist.) And don't care what my view is.

Punishment in the form of war, (when one side fails the Geneva Conventions, the Geneva Conventions fail for all sides*) death for capital (financial) crimes, confiscation of personal goods for serious transgressions and an enforceable reciprocal contract between state and citizen with harsh punishment for infractions by either sides is the only order for order.

* In many theaters of war one side attacks without following the rules of war and demand the rules of war for their opponents to observe. Exceptionalism again! The West has painted itself in a corner!

I commend to readers this --
But Theo is 'passionately anti-war' so if it is up to him We won't be declaring war on 'Islam' any time soon.
This subject is one that makes me so mad I could spit nails. I am a Swedish-American, who has family in Sweden, speak the language and have lived a significant portion of my life there. I love the country and its people. I am all for helping the less fortunate, but the Swedes are in the process of committing cultural suicide - albeit with the best of intentions. There is no country in the world that has treated the immigrants from the middle east as well as Sweden has - a fact that I am proud of so when I read about "youths" rioting a burning cars (especially in Malmo and around Ramadan) it makes me furious.
Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar August 12, 2013 at 6:43 PM
"...If there is one thing that we fear and attempt to stifle in Europe, it is open and honest debate...."

for Westerners - it should be "...If there is one thing that we fear and attempt to stifle about ISLAM, it is open and honest debate...."

for muslims it should read "...If there is one thing that we fear and attempt to stifle in ISLAM, it is open and honest debate..."