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Bruce Bawer
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Nevertheless, Jeremy Scahill is far better a journalist, far better person than any of those who claim to be "journalists" today. Most of you so called journalists are scumbags who pursue the policies of the Zionist government and owned US government. I would be ashamed to call myself a journalist if I were you
It makes sense that pseudo-intellectual Steven Pinker reads this journal.
Being a somewhat controversal person himself, Mr. Bawer of all people should support the idea that it is not who you are, but what you say. Scahill may be a radical lefty with an agenda, but you should be going after the factual errors in Dirty Wars, not the authors past politics.
Bawer's essay is a summary of events that gladden the heart of many Americans. I was cheering to see such a wonderful summary of events this journalist took seriously enough to work on. If he's an activist, that only bears on his work if he is not telling the truth.

Which leads me to believe that the purpose of this article was to rally hawks - now in disarry given the nation's current reluctance to believe we need to bomb, again.

My anti-war, anti-empire, anti-abuse-of-our-military sentiments have been rallied, thank you very much.
It's very typical of the Democratic media to claim a lack of bias whenever one of their "journalistas" writes some nonsensical book trashing the United States, its people or culture and/or history based on "investigation."

These books come out with annoying regularity, and all harp on the same theme - the United States ____(fill in corporations, military, government etc.) did some bad thing or things you need to know about and this book lays it all out for you. The United States is bad, and the book tells all. (yawn).

Who read this claptrap? Very few people. Best seller and all, the number of people reading is a tiny minority. My suggestion would be to use an old tactic of Democratic media and IGNORE - this is something that conservative media has never learned to do. Rather conservative media (with some brilliant exceptions, especially Mark Levin) is always looking for some horrible to stir up its audience - in the process giving invaluable publicity to low rated MSNBC hosts among others. But I digress...

One thing that is irritating is the mention of Democracy Now, which., like Pacifica, is actually given taxpayer grants through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Isn't it great that the taxpayers of America pay to for the privilege of being told that they are a bunch of racists, facists and murderers? It is indicative of just how spineless the Republican House really is, that they continue to fund the CPB - could you imagine what would happen if the CPB ever gave a dime to fund to anything remotely conservative? But of course, conservative broadcasting is popular, and therefore able to survive commercially. Leftist Democratic programming is by and large fringe, and is only able to survive through government largesse.

Makes you wonder if government grant money funded "Dirty Wars." Wouldn't be the first time that government dollars were used to for the purpose of telling the people and government of the United States just how awful they really are.

And now that the Democrats are the party of the left - no more southern Democrats - it makes you wonder just how spineless Republican politicians have to be such that they are unable to prevent taxpayer funding of media thatsupports Democrats and Democratic causes. But I digress - again....
I would have much appreciated an analysis of Scahill's "Dirty Wars" rather than the author's history as a left-wing activist.

Is the book full of unsupportable assertions, or is there truth in its accusations? A critical assessment would be more than welcome.
Lake Worth: One million four hundred thousand 'verified' dead in Iraq? Even Reinhard Heydrich would be jealous. Where do you get your numbers?

Before you call Iraq WMD 'faked,' maybe we should wait for the UN report on the Syria gas attacks for critical comparison.
And from Gotshalk: "For ten years now the liberal media has pounded out the demonizing of Bush,Chaney, Rumsveld, Rice and the Republican party. Suddenly the foot is on the other foot and 400 children will die in vain with out a wimper because the American people now do not trust the people who defend them anymore."

Cummon, guy. Ancient Greeks understood the most of setting out arguments to meet the standards of Inductive Logic.

Bush/Cheney/ faked the WMD case with respect to Iraq and ended up killing 1,400,000 verified Total Extra Death killings. Similar to Kennedy's crew paying $42,000 to get the Diem brothers murdered then along with Johnson/Kissinger/Nixon/ running up a T.E.D. body count at 2,600,000 in Vietnam (from U.S. Army history.)

And we're to think these sins should be ignored and possibly repeated in ignorance ???

"Appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, he claimed that private contractors made up “more than half of the fighting force in Afghanistan,” though the proportion was never more than about one-third."


How comforting.
Emerald - Your claim about Bawer's numbers could be asked about anyone making a claim in the news. You either accept it as is or you do some research yourself to validate or disprove; but just to ask the question as you have has no value.
How do I know that Bruce Bawer's numbers are
reliable. Bawer's article is more like he said
she said without references to back his numbers.
Need some new material on the Left. That abuse of the Cuban people meme was around in my sociology class in 1963. Or is some baloney too good to die.
Longdrycreek Ranch - Texas Panhandle September 13, 2013 at 5:59 PM
This fellow is one of the "journalists" that Schumer, Feinstein, and Durbin want to adopt as Democrat party house dogs and protectors.
He has an identity, according to the Trio of thugs in the Senate, and should be encouraged because they have a status and likely draw a salary.
For ten years now the liberal media has pounded out the demonizing of Bush,Chaney, Rumsveld, Rice and the Republican party. Suddenly the foot is on the other foot and 400 children will die in vain with out a wimper because the American people now do not trust the people who defend them anymore.