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Steven Malanga
Who Will Audit the Auditors? « Back to Story

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Don't just audit, end the IRS. Pass the FairTax which would be the biggest restoration of liberty since our Revolution.
The issue is a lack of accountability on a personal level. The primary remedy to be used on agency that violates the law should be termination of every employee involved -and that should be non-negotiable and non-discretionary.
"Who is watching all the other tax and audit authorities around America?"

Well, that's why we have democracy and legislatures and either a Department of Justice or something similar. And lawyers.

And whistleblowers, who need protection.

Democracy works, you know.
This article should serve as a caution to those people convinced that giving greater power to states (and local governments), and taking power away from the federal government, will necessarily solve most of this country's problems. It won't, and this piece shows why. I'm not saying that federal power doesn't need to be reigned in. It most certainly does. But state and local government officials can be just as arbitrary and capricious as their federal counterparts. And unless the local news organizations employ sharp reporters (do such individuals even exist any longer?), it's entirely likely that misconduct by state and local officials will not be exposed. Perhaps, as Johnny points out, the key is getting rid of income taxes. Until this happens, however, state and local officials will continue to aggrandize as much power as they can, just like federal officials. Vigilance is, unfortunately, always warranted.
The answer is to get rid of taxing regulations that require audits. Income tax is one of the most tyrannical anti-liberty concepts ever devised, which is why politicians love it so much. It has nothing to do with raising revenue; revenue can be raised in other ways. It's about control.
I know a fellow who was being harassed by the Connecticut revenue authorities. He appealed to the state Supreme Court and won, and they still came after him. He then went back and complained that the revenuers were not following the Court, got an injunction, and they STILL came after him. It's a shame that legislators are generally so craven, because these petty bureaucrats should be the subject of impeachment under such circumstances. Does anyone love liberty anymore?