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Daniel DiSalvo and Rajan Menon
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All true, but let's not forget that he endorsed Barack Obama TWICE!

Howard Hirsch
Dayton, Nevada
CCNY '72
It is not exactly that mediocre people go to CCNY but rather I would say people who are striving for something. The mean SAT score of the incoming freshman class of CCNY in the Math portion of the SAT rose from 569 to 589 from 2011 to 2012 For its engineering majors in the same period it rose from 630 to 644 . At least 23 % of the fall 2012 freshman class at CCNY had a mean score in the SAT above 1200 and not just a few. For comparison, the mean SAT score for the the Math portion of the Fordham 2011 freshman class was 625 . For the 2012 fall freshman class at Baruch, mean Score in the Math portion of the SAT was 640. You can easily verify these data at the City Facts File of the Office of Institutional Research of CCNY.

Now why would someone from California know these things ?
If you look up RINO in a dictionary, you'll find a likeness of Colin Powell.

No true Republican could ever publicly and enthusiastically endorse Barack Obama the way Powell did. Though Mr. Powell may have served in Republican administrations, he clearly never really left the racist Democrat plantation.

Name a school for him? It's a wonder they don't nominate him for sainthood.
The "professors" may scorn the people who gave huge dollars but they do not scorn the money. Hypocrites!
I'm not sure Powell really counts as a Republican any more...We're waiting for him to officially switch parties any day now.
Wasn't Gertrude Himmelfarb associated with CCNY?

If so, she's worth a mention. Even If I need a thesaurus when I read her.
I am an alumni of CCNY. I am happy to see it's renaissance and I am happy about it's Colin Powell decision.
Complaints about Powell go more to his effort to cover up the My Lai massacre than to him getting fooled with the WMD fakery. He was a good follower.

Also, the recovery for CCNY and CUNY started in 1999. It's a long process. But otherwise this is a sensible article. The student body at CCNY ranges from below average to somewhat above average -- rarely including students scoring above 1200 on SATs. We need solid educational institutions such as CCNY for these students.
I second Josil. What a trivial article.
Only an academic would think that naming a college after Colin Powell is a blow against political correctness.