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Andrew Klavan
New York’s Creep-Off Election « Back to Story

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William Rudolph July 19, 2013 at 9:07 AM
For great, positive inspiration along these lines, read Peggy Noonan's op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal of last Saturday 7/14/13.
I think this piece misses the point. These acts donít say anything about candidateís sexual behavior. Sending pictures of your junk to women and then lying about it says nothing about sexual behavior, but a lot about lack of honesty and maturity. Spending $87k on prostitutes isnít the best resume line for someone who wants to be the city controller in charge of all the city spending. Thatís why these things matter.
As a life-long New Yorker (in spirit, if not always in actual geographic location), I have often opined online that New Yorkers will soon miss mayors Giuliani, Koch and Bloomberg, regardless of what they think about them now.
After looking over the current crop of mayoral wanna-bees, I am becoming more convinced each day that it won't be long before New Yorkers miss the administrations of former mayors John Lindsay and David Dinkins as well.
New York City - get ready for the downward slide that you haven't seen in two generations.
David S. Levine July 13, 2013 at 5:25 PM
"I never once looked at Teddy Kennedy after Chappaquiddick without thinking of a 28-year-old campaign worker pounding helplessly on the window of a submerged Oldsmobile while the rich, powerful senator who put her there walked away with few consequences. Lion of the Senate, my eye!"

Says it all about the political information system generally and the Democ-rat Party specifically!
if you are looking for the real story line as to what happened to America and reasons for its demise, you need look no further than ny and these two candidates. Obama is only a small side line as the type of person in politics. But the Clintons would be a good place to start.......suibne
The sad part is that no one is talking about the real issues because the punditry is obsessed with the sex.

That said, Mayor Giuliani did set the bar very low - does no one remember his mistress?
Also, both Mayor Mike and Gov. Andrew are both living with women without marriage.

Lhota or Catsimidis could run an issues campaign, once Bill Thompson makes the Weiner a summer memory.

And there IS a candidate for City Comptroller named Scott Stringer who has every faction in NYC working to stop Spitzer in the Democratic primary.

The WeinerSpitzer have zero endorsements, and no GOTV support.

I am surprised City Journal thought this post worth risking their reputation as a forum for good governance.
"Canít the city do better than Weiner and Spitzer?"

No. The Weiner, bka Ex Congressperson Hot Dog, and his tag team partner 'Elliot' "Ladies Choice" Spritzer are just what the crazed ny libs need. If they cut their stupidity, follow the directions of their advisors and campaign in the nude their elections are assured.
sort answer. No.
David Vitter, anyone? "crickets"
Bad refection on the one time model of a great nation.

NYC has devolved to the corruption that befalls many great city and cultures.

Much of America is following NYC, LA, Chicago and SFO into the gutter of corruption and cronyism, as is our national politic.

Tis sad, but it's theirs!
Democrats aren't bothered by these moral failures. In fact, like Clinton they'll soon be hero's of the party...
No they can not. These two are perfect caricatures of New York City politicians. If you find these disgusting or wanting as candidates then get used to it. These are the kind of people New Yorkers will vote into offices of power and money time and time again. I know. I know New Yorkers and have lived among them. I am glad I no longer have to listen to their nasty infantile rationalizations any longer. They have brought this pox on themselves. I hope they enjoy it.
No. Any city that accepts an average rental rate of $3000 for a rat-hole apartment is by definition filled with morons who DESERVE these clowns....
NY just doesnt have much towork with
Democrats have always been scum of the earth, and they wear that universal recognition proudly.
Spitzer, a despicable strong armer by nature , broke federal law and walked. He's such an ego maniac, he's putting his family through this mess all over again.
Wiener is a straight up deviant...
Neither should ever have been considered.
The Democrat Party is the party of unlimited bread and circuses. As it ancient Rome, the dumb and dumber plebes do not realize that both come at their expense.
When their names first appeared, I predicted that they would both be elected by a huge majority. That is wWgger--uh-- Wiener and Spitzer. With New Yorks unblemished record of electing liars, crooks, perverts and egotistical munchkins, how could they not ?
And I didn't even mention the guy in the cute tiger suit or the otheer guy who also resigned because of having "tickle sessions" with his male sessions. What a fun loving bunch! If you have a big kink, run for office in New York. You don't have to live there. Hillary proved that.
Ultimately it's not about sexual behavior. It's about dishonesty. Democratic voters have demonstrated time and again that they are far more worried about Republican governance than they are about being lied to.

That's pretty revealing.
I fully expect John Edwards to show up in NYC shortly.
It is a sad statement about our country (and New York) if this is the best we can do.
You are careful to try not to judge but the fact is that there is a moral issue involved here whether you want to admit it or not. Where there is a moral issue, a character issue is close behind. The fact that people like this and some of the others you mentioned are still viable public personalities can be laid at the feet of the public who ultimately is responsible for tolerating people of this nature.
NYC voters get what they deserve!
Let's not forget the aptly-named Gerry Studds
No. That bastion of Liberalism loves to wallows in ignorant bliss.
I concur. Excellent article
Nice article. It's sometimes good to remember that the proper response to such men as Weiner and Spitzer and Kennedy is unfettered disdain. Their faux "prominence" is simply laughable.

While it's true that many of us have similarly embarrassing episodes, we're not in the public forefront, trying to tell everyone that we know what's best for them. One thing about it though, they have great name recognition.
With respect to Weiner not breaking the law - he didn't because there isn't one. Put in this perspective. If he had gone to a park and exposed himself to several women in the park, he would have committed a crime. He would have been arrested, jailed and put on a sex offender registry. If he had been in the corporate world it would have been sexually harassment and he would have been fired, been unlikely to find another job with a tainted reputation and put the company at great risk of a lawsuit.

So technically he didn't, you are right. But only because the laws haven't caught up with technology. Both Weiner and Client 9 are horrible candidates and anyone who votes for them and especially a woman, well, I can't help but be amazed by their stupidity
I guess NYC voters think that a guy who betrays his wife won't betray voters.
The question isn't can New York do better, it's why can't the New York Democrats find better candidates than these?
Rambunctious Cantankerous July 12, 2013 at 1:52 PM
Klavan is far too generous with Wm Jefferson KKKlinton. The sleazeball Arkanzoid suborned perjury, was impeached and disbarred, and is entirely guilty of on-the-job sexual harassment and predation that would instantly subject any private company CEO to firing and tens of millions in lawsuits.
NYC never had people who represent them at their best. Just look gets elected to the city council. The Democratic party has ruled NYC longer than the Communists ruled the Soviet Union. There are more corrupt Marxists and Maoists in the City Council than in Moscow or Beijing. Probably less than in this White House. Boss Tweed was a piker compared to this gang.
No, they cannot, and that's why they're stupid.
Andrew: You got it right - the same media that hounds Republicans out of office, leaves Democrats alone, and helps them bury it. Think back to John Kennedy - the media knew about his affairs but said nothing. It was claimed that the media back then would stay mum about things like adultery, but the truth is that if JFK had been a Republican it would have been front page news, all of it, starting with the nonsense that led up to PT 109.

The double standard IS the story here - look at Edwards, It took the National Enquirer to break that story. Likewise Monica Lewisnky would have been buried but for Matt Drudge. Too bad Drudge hasn't seen fit to pubicize Bill Clinton's continuing foibles since Lewinsky, which include a Connecticut mistress plastered on the front page guessed it...the National Enquirer - where is everyone else? Turns out that the Enquirer is more of an investigative paper than the New York Times, which only get huffy about immoral politicians with an "R" after their name.

More examples? How about former Governor McGreevy in New Jersey, who gave made his Israeli gay lover the head of the New Jersey equivalent of Homeland Security, despite the lack of any credentials for the job. When called on this McGreevy whined that he was a "gay American" and got a pass. Why even talk about Marion Barry, the guy who got caught smoking crack (at the same time that crack was devastating the community) in a motel with a prostitute and is now back in office? One could go on and on.

Democratic politicians can do anything and eventually get away with it. ANYTHING. Jimmy Carter a terrible President? Once out of office annoint him based on his do nothing Arab supported "Carter Center." Then, as stated, there is Ted Kennedy, who let his mistress smother while he sobered up - even though quick action contacting a nearby neighbor might have saved her. Even after all that Kennedy, barely ten years later, ran for President!

And of course, there is Barrack Obama. When Bush was falsely accused of taking cocaine it was front page news and all we heard was how the mere accusation made Bush unfit to be President - that and alleged heavy drkinking. But when Obama candidly admits having snorted cocaine and daily heavy marijuana use what we get is silence. Heck, you think a Republican President could ever get away with smoking cigarettes?

Here is the point of all this - why wouldn't Spitzer and Weiner get away with what they did, given how little real play it gets? Spitzer never went out of the public eye, appearing on television. Weiner did disappear, but never entirely.

And that's the whole story - a Democrat can always come back, no matter what, but a Republican can forget about. We can protest all we want but at the end of the day, the people who decide are those in the media and they always give Democrats a pass - ALWAYS.
The Big Apple has become the Big Sap. Hide the women and children.
I really feel sorry for the folks in NY City if Weiner and Spitzer are the best candidates they can come up with. What happens if their "sex issues" are not solved, i.e., Weiner continues to e-mail photographs or Spitzer continues as Client #9?
How about San Diego Mayor Filner? He is a certified Democrat party lech.
No,they can't do better. Weiner and Spitzer pretty much typical of the morality of the city's residents.
Wiener and Spitzer should both wear t-shirts that say "I HEART myself".
Actually, we don't know how harmless Weiner really is. A man so malignantly narcissistic, and so juvenile as to flash his privates to strange and sometimes underage females is capable of just about anything. He has no restraints on his behavior and for that reason alone should be shunned.
Weiner and Spitzer are reflective of the democrat party as a whole. It's who they are.
After electing Bloomberg three times, maybe it is what they deserve.
Constitution First July 12, 2013 at 7:17 AM
NYC is only getting the Government they Deserve.
If this isn't true, no one is speaking very loudly in opposition.
Tomorrow's headline "Spritzer Beats Weiner!"
I don't care if a person visits a prostitute unless that person is a former prosecutor who has put people in jail for visiting prostitutes. Then I care.

I don't care if someone sends pictures of his shorts to girls, even teenage girls (though it is gross) unless that someone denes it and, to save himself, blames and endangers an innocent third party by encouraging his followers to harrass that third party.

Then I care.
"can the city really find no one better?"

In a democracy you get the government you deserve.
"Why canít New Yorkers find someone who represents them at their best?"

In Weiner and Spitzer, perhaps they have... Amoral, perverted, power hungry, duplicitous, dishonest, and untrustworthy. Most importantly though, successful.

Dead girls and live boys mean nothing to the NYC electorate now, but if you want to derail either of these mini-monsters, just dig up a recording of them uttering "nigger" sometime in the last 30 years.
The problem is that there is no one selecting candidates. It's whomever volunteers, and that can then get votes. If we still had the smoke filled rooms selecting politicians, we might actually have a better class of leader.
Well said.
This election IS NOT a test of Spitzer or Wiener's character. We know that. It IS a test of the character of the people of NYC.
This election IS NOT a test of Spitzer or Wiener's character. We know that. It IS a test of the character of the people of NYC.
Yes; it goes to Character. Does anyone remember that?

Weiner (I can hardly type the name, it's so hilariously apropos) Also sent lewd photos of his johnson to at least one Underage girl -- he has already admitted, flippantly, that there are "others out there," and I'll lay you dollars to donuts there are more schoolgirls involved.

He and Spitzer have revealed a seam of ugliness, of viciousness (in the old sense) in their characters -- and you can also see it in their knee-capping, power-hungry, autocratic careers. They are both bastards, both in the bedroom and out of it, and Both are Cordially Loathed by many of the people who have had to work for them, and damn near everyone they've opposed.

But as the Sage of Baltimore acidly remarked, "Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want, and they deserve to get it good and hard."
City Journal asks:

Canít the city do better than Weiner and Spitzer?

I respond:

Yes. Joe Lhota.
Good people nowadays will not step up to be brutalized by the biased media. Hence we have been getting Democrats , some even flaunting their perversions. Morality being scoffed and laughed at: It is not a good idea to mock God.
Re. Teddy Kennedy, I have always appreciated John Fund's addition to any item he wrote about Kennedy: "Mary Jo Kopechne had no comment." What Kennedy did, and then tried to deny responsibility for, was a crime in and of itself. The politicians and hangers-on who continued to support him deserve censure. The effort to turn him into a historical figure, including the overhyped funeral (by he media and his supporters), was a travesty.
Weiner's wife, don't forget, is H. Clinton's closest aid. That explains his brazen reappearance.
Itís a representative government, after all. Why canít New Yorkers find someone who represents them at their best?

In a nutshell of an obvious package, because both these guys represent what they really are.
One addition: you forgot D.C.'s Marion Barry. A comic said that he was the only mayor ever who could have made the license plates for his own limo. Anyway, this just goes to show you how clueless most of us New Yorkers are, and maybe those on the Left in general. A leader in government should be someone of at least average moral standing. (A paragon would be nice, but we are talking about politicians here and that sort of person is an aberration in politics.) A person's honesty pervades his whole being and if someone is so lacking in honesty and morals in one area, one can rely on the assumption that it there is that same lack in other areas. This alone should be enough to disqualify these people from office. It says even more about the morals of those who would vote for such scoundrels.
Sexting is legal. Hiring a prostitute In NYS is a felony. Spitzer raised the john jailtime from 1 yr to 2yrs as part of his bogus drive for feminist votes. He broke the law he wrote himself. But of course, such laws only apply to Joe from the tire factory, not Elliott from the Governor's Mansion. Spitzer is lower than excrement. Weiner is merely a harmless pervert, like the rest of us.
One Word. Boomer.
Epic piece, but you left out Hillary, likely the next POTUS. She is cut from the same cloth.