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Nicole Gelinas
Adrift in Albany « Back to Story

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Maybe we need Cuomo in D.C> to replace Holdyournose Eric Holder ?
All of Cuomo"s emails look and sound like he is running for President Dear Friend,

This past week we took two major steps forward in our fight to clean up Albany and restore the publicís trust -- the equivalent of a boxing one-two punch: unprecedented disclosure by our elected officials and the empanelling of a commission to investigate public corruption.

The disclosure law, passed in 2011, just went into effect. From now on, legislators must disclose revealing and relevant financial information -- including outside income, employment and holdings. The public finally has transparency that has been missing from Albany since the birth of state government.

This past session, I put forward the most comprehensive and aggressive legislative package Albany has seen in decades to address the corrosive influence of money in elections; strengthen prosecutorsí ability to fight corruption; increase penalties against those who violate the public trust; and give voters more access to the ballot box.

From the beginning, I said I would not accept a watered-down approach to cleaning up Albany and that the Legislature must either act on this legislation or I would take action to achieve these same goals of real reform through other means.

Regrettably, the Legislature failed to act. So I have.

Last week, I formally empanelled the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption. This commission will convene the best minds in law enforcement and public policy from across New York to address weaknesses in the Stateís public corruption, election and campaign finance laws; generate transparency and accountability; and restore the public trust.

I have outlined the entire plan in an op-ed in todayís Daily News. You can read it HERE.

These actions provide the foundation necessary to rebuild the public trust. The steps we have taken are more potent than any reforms enacted before. And I for one will not rest until we have fully restored the people's confidence in our State government.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Paid for by Andrew Cuomo 2014 Committee Richard Sirota, Treasurer
I wholeheartedly agree with the proposition here that the GOP has made no progress in winning over Democrats. However,the mostly fiscal related ideas are not enough in a state where: (1) New York City remains Democratic media central and (2) the backbone of Republican support - that is, upstate populations - are deserting the state en masse. In fact, I read somewhere that 9% of the upstate population have left New York in the last two years.

So the pool of potential GOP voters gets smaller and smaller - unless the party makes aplay for votes in New York City, an almost impossible task under the current GOP Leadership.

The way the two party system is supposed to work is that when one party fails voters go for the other party. However,what has happened in New York and elsewhere is that when Democrats perform abysmally - and that is SOP for Democrats - voters don't pull the lever for the GOP, they stay home or change to independent.

In short voters do not see the GOP as an alternative, even when Democrats fail miserably through inept governance or corrpution or both. One only has to look at how the black community has fared under Democratic rule the last half centruy to understand just how bad it can get - and yet blacks even in the most desperate of circumstances year in and year out still support Democrats close to 100%. How is this possible? When Democratic governance is rife with corruption, when nothing changes despite billions, if not a trillion spent, why is it that Republicans are never seen as an alternative even when Democrats perform abominably?

This isn't the place to search for answers to the foregoing. Certainly, in New York straight talk about Democratic failure might help - such straight talk has been wholly missing from pussy footing GOP politicians. And, the GOP still can't figure out how to deal with a Democratic media that is overwhelmingly biased against Republicans.

It's going to be tough, but the spineless messaging of past years as well as GOP abandonment of the cities is clearly NOT working. In fact, Democrats are hard at work making it as difficult as possible to leave the urban areas - here in New Jersey Democrats have managed to place large parts of the state off limits to development through phony environmental restrictions, all in an effort to keep the Republican parts of the state as depopulated as possible. I am certain that similar efforts are underway elsewhere.

I'm not sure where the answers are but clearly the GOP has been wholly unable to take advantage of Democratic failures. Certainly the "Democrat lite" tactics adopted by the cautious (spineless) GOP leadership have done nothing but thoroughly alienate the backbone of the party - those who do come out and vote. Maybe the answer is replacement of the GOP leadership but these people have no intention of giving up power, so we are stuck with them, incompetent as they are.

It seems clear that the only way the GOP leadership will learn is through another loss, as in 2006. The problem, however, is that the Leadership may, as in after the 2012 election, get the message of the lost election entirely wrong.

It is mystifying how such purportedly smart people can turn out to be so very stupid.
Ms. Gelinas,
While you bring up a few valid points in your article you completely failed to mention the number number one issue that finally woke NYer's up to the progressive overreach policies of our current Governor. The passage of the NY SAFE Act and the specific issues of the details of the Massage of Necessity that was used to pass this Bill thru the Senate and Assembly literally in the darkness of night.
Overnight we learned that our Senators had passed thru the Senate Andrew Cuomo's unconstitutional SAFE Act before ever having an opportunity to discuss the Bill and the specif details of the Bill with their constituents.
This overreach of government along with Mayor Nanny Bloomberg's ban in NY City on drink sizes has shown us that elected officials have gone to far trying to legislate our lives.

With Cuomo's reign at HUD he not only failed NYers but all Americans for failing to speak out about the government fiscal policies that gave us the gov't. backed and funded Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bungle and bureaucracy that was responsible for creating the housing bubble that finally led America to the huge mortgage default causing the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

Unless you live in a SUNY town or City and are a NY State employee, Governor Cuomo's economic policies have done absolutely nothing for the economic woes that most NY residents are suffering.
In NY, unless your income comes from the state or you work in the taxpayer bailed out financial and banking system on Wall St. you are doing worse now than anytime in the past 30 years. Cuomo economic polices are nothing more than smoke and mirrors and have failed NY.

While Cuomo promoted his Women's Equality Rights Bill (which is about nothing more than introducing late term and partial birth abortions in a state which already has some of the most liberal abortion laws and has the most number of abortions than any other state) we all witnessed Democrat Assembly member Vito Lopez's sexual harassment of our young daughters interning in Albany. We then saw the story unravel exposing Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver not only cover up an illegal act of "one of their own" but use taxpayer money to pay off the the victims of Lopez's actions.

All this was going on while Andrew Cuomo not only made the decision to ignore both dirty old man Democrat Vito Lopez but also corrupt Assembly Leader Democrat Sheldon Silver.

Cuomo failed NY's young women and lost any confidence that we can send our young adult children to Albany without being corrupted, harassed and molested by the cesspool we call Albany politics. The problem is not Albany, it is the immoral and corrupt long term politicians who thing they are not only better than the rest of us but also above the laws they force on us.

The biggest export from NY State during Cuomo's reign has been educated working class families. Andrew Cuomo's progressive policies have failed all New Yorkers.

As NY continues competing with CA as the state with the highest taxes, most regulations, and worst economic conditions and the least amount of personal Liberties and Freedoms Andrew Cuomo is traveling around the state having big fund raisers to add to his war chest which has been reported to contain 25 million dollars.

It should be obvious that Andrew Cuomo will try and convince us that the state economy is improving as NY State is spending millions on a TV advertising campaign "NY IS Open For Business" in at least 6 southern states.

Andrew Cuomo will use his war chest, rhetoric and a smoke and mirrors campaign to win reelection fro not only himself but also for State Senators (both Republican and Democrat) who have been loyal to his tax and spend progressive policies.

Me, I can't wait to elect one of the many candidates that will most likely throw their hat in the ring for 2014.

At this point I would vote for former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's dog Duke to unseat Andrew Cuomo in 2014. Duke could only do less harm to NY State than Cuomo has done.
Thank you.

A parallel article covering New Jersey is more likely to hit home. Chris Christie has an interesting speaking voice, but otherwise he has produced little but top-end tax cuts.

For example, his signature phrase is "Stronger Than the Storm." Those of us who live on the water know better. Hurricane Sandy was stronger than any human. It should be time even in Jersey to adapt to the new realities of a planet being driven by the 400 parts-per-million of CO2 in our atmosphere.

And what are the economic effects of trashing the third tunnel project? What Cuomo has been doing is genius, compared with that piece of sabotage.