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Clark Whelton
Gettysburg and the City « Back to Story

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James Clay Rice was born and raised in Worthington, Massachusetts.
The brigade that rushed to occupy Little Roundtop was commanded by Colonel Strong Vincent who was killed only minutes into the battle. Command then fell to Col. James Clay Rice of the NY 44th, raised in Albany NY.

The 44th was notable for the heavy casualties it had already suffered during the war (700 out of 1100) and a new recruitment of 700 had recently arrived from Albany including the ROTC class from the Albany Normal School, later named the Albany State Teachers' College, and now the downtown campus of SUNY Albany.

Although suffering 34% casualties, they held on the second day. Rice was promoted to general on the field and Chamberlain received the Medal of Honor for leading the bayonette charge down the hill.
Emily Roebling may well have invented modern project management. I believe there is a memorial to her near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bill Drissel
Grand Prairie, TX
great background tidbits for NYers
I agree with Charles that history is endlessly fascinating, and surprising, too. The brave but unlucky Fletcher Webster, and his illustrious father, are my 5th cousins.
AMAZING HISTORY, we never hear! Amidst all this corruption, seems we advance... somehow!?!?
I have just been reading about the exploits of Warren, Roebling, Sickles, and Chamberlain in Allen Guelzo's new book, "Gettysburg, The Last Invasion."

We have a fascinating and in many ways noble history, much of it related to the Civil War. I recently read about Daniel Webster, a great defender of the union. Of his 5 children, only one, Fletcher, survived him. Fletcher died at the 2d Battle of Bull Run.