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Judith Miller
Egypt Spring, Phase Two « Back to Story

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"Indeed, democracy demands a civil society—equality, fairness, tolerance, respect for human and minority rights, and individual freedom. That’s just what Egyptians are demanding." Tell it to the Copts. Most Egyptians wouldn't know what civil society was if it bit them, a handful of Western-educated literati notwithstanding. And you cannot install the institutions without foundations. Besides, the country is in dire straits no matter who governs it, with its millions of young, hungry, ill-educated people. And when a country's only abundant resource is cannon-fodder, look out.
Hi Judith,

Thanks for your analysis.

With Morsi's removal now a reality, what impact do you expect that to have on what has been the growing influence of the Salafist/radical Islamist movements in the Arab world?

Have an enjoyable Independence Day weekend.



Michael S. Miller
Exec. VP & CEO
Jewish Community Relations Council of NY
Tucker Peterson July 02, 2013 at 7:23 PM
It's becoming a different world now . Especially in the middle east and the younger people . They want more of what they see around the world . And have discovered they do not have to settle in the "still pushing the wheel around" life . Religion has been used has a tool of submission and suppression . People are becoming more aware .
Hopefully, some day tribal mentality and hate . Will be replaced with a tolerance of belief, and rule of law .