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Barry Strauss
The Antiwar Museum That Wasn’t « Back to Story

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Excellent article by an outstanding historian.
Echoes of Dick Cheney.

He who accepts and promotes war, tries with every public word to embody nationalism, and lives in a fantasy world where he is this century's first national hero.

Imagine the Cheney Museum.
We all face a choice: tribalism or nationalism. Not even Lenin could sustain the appetite for internationalism. All politics is identity politics. Who am I? A white christian male, which is all you need to know to predict my politics. France? Anti-anglosaxon, my enemy. Canada? anglo-saxon, my friend. That's politics.
Always amazing the lack of commentary of France's excessive glorification of Napoleon I, creator of immense carnage & death, just to maintain his own power (& glory?!?). Napoleon III is not even worthy of that criticism.