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Kay S. Hymowitz
Saving Welfare Reform « Back to Story

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all those who are saying that "the system" is in good shape need to look closer, and with better eyes... the so-called welfare system, as it exists today, is a mass of interconnected bureaucratic entities designed to perpetuate themselves, as well as the local agencies that feed on them... the poor who are trying to escape the cycle of poverty spend most of their time either fighting the system, or attempting to comply with mountains of absurd rules, while those who administer the system routinely ignore the laws and rules that govern the mandates by which their authority is derived... keep patting yourselves on the back...
Giuliani was of course never given credit forthe miracle he worked when he took over the City - and welfare was one of those miracles. Giuliani, and Bloomberg who closely followed Giuliani in almost all respects, showed something that New York Democrats would rather had never been shown, that is, that good government MATTERS. Even with a City Council able to override vetos Giuliani showed that a truly competent mayor could do things that literally brought back the City from the brink. And do it singlehandedly.

We can only hope that the next Democratic mayor will not do anything to reverse what Giuliani and Bloomberg have been able to accomplish, not only with respect to welfare but everything else. People have short memories, and it is frightening that we could lose everything once we return to the usual inept governance that is typical with Democratic mayors, Koch included.

I note that in addition to Giulianai never getting the credit for what he was able to do, Dinkins has of course never paid a price for almost destroying the City - in fact, what has happened to Dinkins? But, this is typical for a media that can never criticize a Democrat or laud a Republican.

As for welfare, it will be all too easy to dismantle what has worked the last couple of decades,since politically there is no price to pay for Democrats if the welfare rolls increase.

When the City goes down it won't be pretty. But, with a media that will slavishly support the next Democratic mayor no matter what, it is unlikely that keeping the welfare rolls low will be a priority. The human cost in terms of misery, lack of self respect will of course never be considered.
I sincerely hope that debate moderators will present this major issue to the the prospective candidates and, indeed, insist on answers which will allow voters to see where each stands and gives us reason to vote for them, or not.