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Lloyd Billingsley
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Yes, Well, Lockyer may be "outraged" at rape, but he is one of many career leftists who has underhandedly ensured that the crime never gets counted as a hate crime against women -- at the behest of identity-politics activists who didn't want mere rapes cluttering up their all-important hate crime statistics.

Thus, the "gender bias" portion of California's hate crime law (as with other states) is used virtually exclusively to prosecute crimes against non-biologically born women (transvestites, transgendered people), while acts of violence directed specifically against heterosexual females (or males), from slurs to child molestation to to serial killing, are quietly excluded from hate crime enhancement.

There is nothing like leftist politics for assigning different relative values to different human lives. The cynical political calculus guiding hate crime law enforcement makes a mockery of equal protection -- thanks to Lockyer and his well-placed acolytes such as former LA hate crimes prosecutor Carla Arranaga. It is an ugly and destructive legacy.
I served with Bill Lockyer for six years in the California legislature. As chairman he supported two of this Republican's workfare bills which passed out of our committee where I was the vice chair. I clearly remember Bill also gently but firmly keeping my mouth shut when I was ready to explode at a committee witness who brazenly claimed welfare rights not in the law.

As unlucky as he was with romance, Assemblyman Lockyer was a good chairman, a fair Democrat and a likeable fellow. I congratulate him for his long and successful career accomplishments as one of California's better political leaders.
What a charnalhouse California is these days. Bill Lockyer, have ing passed the bar only 10 years before becoming the chief law enforcement officer in California never practeiced a day in his life, his trollop of a "wife" has exactly what credentials to be a Supervisor of Alameda County? A law degree and being married to Lockyer? Please slide into the Pacific and get it over with already.
Surely the governor can appoint him to the California Anti-Discrimination & Water Flouridation at Special Districts Commission, which will pay him at least $100,000 per year for attending four meetings a year and working about 5 hours a week. Tough work, but someone has got to do it!!
This is funny. Unintentionally. The article implies that California's hatred of the ENRON thugs amounted to no more than that they were among a group of "politically disfavored industries and individuals."

In fact, the ENRON thugs were criminals. They ran a RICO eligible enterprise. They manipulated energy production in such a way as to cause economic turmoil and physical brown-outs across California.

And what exactly is wrong with this: “We are the true patriots who are going to start putting what the people of California need ahead of selfish, scare-mongering, silly and stupid right-wing ideology.”

Two or three dozen major hoaxes drive RWNJ political posturing. These collections of lies should never be allowed to leverage dysfunctional public policy in our democracy. And if Old Pols more over to private fund raising slots, why would anyone here be surprised to see it?
Lyoyd Billingsley is always a delicious read, and just what this country needs a whole lot more of.