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Stephen Eide
The Deal of a Lifetime « Back to Story

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Funny . Now Calpers involvement in a deal would read " Danger! Stay Out ! Toxic Waste !"
DavidWNicholas May 31, 2013 at 7:09 PM
Amazing that CALPERS would attract other investors. You'd think they'd only invest in something CALPERS was in if they wanted to lose their money.
We have our own Tishman here in Edmonton Canada. He is a hockey baron. He has managed to get the taxpayers to take all the risks with all the benefits going to him, the billionire tycoon. If he can't make a big profit with this new arena we are paying for he will simply use his leverage over the city taxpayers to give him even greater gifts and concessions later when the going gets rough.
Securitization -- pooling mortgages or other interests -- is not new. They have been used since the 1600s, notably in Holland.