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Steven Greenhut
A Man, a Plan . . . a Tunnel? « Back to Story

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Objective foreigner May 31, 2013 at 11:52 AM
Bill Carrothers

You should try reading the article rather than just your own ego and its narrow concerns.
Bill Carrothers May 31, 2013 at 11:05 AM
The mental capabilities of the Delta Smelt, however tiny they may be, are greater than those of the editors of City Journal, who allowed this witless attack on those of us who care about the destruction of no less than 192 species of fish and amphibians, not to mention a once thriving commercial and sport fishery in the Sacramento River Delta, that this humping and pumping nonsense is causing. Next time you start discussing this massive project, which is opposed by virtually every biologist and scientist who has studied it, please visit with the Editorial Staff at the Sacramento Bee, who give this project an emphatic thumbs down.
Though I appreciate the fact that this article questions some of Jerry Brown's logic, it misses many aspects and seems to focus on the smelt. For one thing, the plan wipes out many acres of prime, family owned farms...for the benefit of agri-business in desert areas to the south and to the water brokers. It also ignores (as has this plan) the fact that more than 5x the amount of water available has been promised to the south...that is the amount of water available if you drained the rivers! The money spent on tearing up the Delta for decades (not one decade) would be better used to shore up the levees, build better fish screens and to help the south recycle and find local water sources. You also did not mention that the old pumps in Tracy will not be shut down if the tunnels are built. You need to do more homework so it doesn't look like thirsty people vs a little smelt. It is the average public against billionaires with interest in water.
Born and raised in California,I loved the state. I returned to my home town in 2001 and left in 2011.The old gray mare ain't what she used to be! It's so sad.
Why do writers always limit their focus to the smelt? There are other species, particularly salmon, at risk because of the excessive diversions of fresh water from the Delta. It is simply a fact that the Delta needs fresh water and the plan to deprive it of that by running the water under the Delta in huge tunnels is pure folly. The proponents of the Tunnels plan claim it will help the ecology of the Delta. If that is true, why does every fishing, conservation and tribal organization on the state oppose the plan. That question needs to be answered.
There was a time when Americans, including and especially those in California, could do great things. Today, Americans can't acoomplish anything - all gets caught up in endless bikering and becalifornia isomes a worthless boondoggle. This is especially true in areas controlled by Democrats due to the endless corruption that goes is part and parcel of Democratic governance.

I mean, let's admit it - California is a lost cause, doomed to wither away and become the first American state with a third world economy = a few rich, lots of poor, no one in the middle and party apparatchiks controlling the government and bureaucracy.

It's happening, slowly but surely - a Democratic paradise - take a close look , because where California is headed the rest of America is destined to follow.

After all, who would change the course we are on - Republicans? Boehner has been running for minority leader in the House since he was voted in as Speaker. The rest of the crew at the Republican Party leadership are spineless, and incapapble of doing anything other than whatever they can to destroy their Party - these people want to be in the minority - it's more comfortable than leading.
Robert Straschewski May 31, 2013 at 7:13 AM
"a Bay Delta Conservation Plan that would cost at least $24.5 billion to change the flow of the Sacramento River—ostensibly to save a tiny, endangered fish that lives in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta".

The problem with California, in a nutshell.
Another reminder of why I need to keep tabs on the progression of California's likely decline -- so as to figure out when to leave the state (and take my money with me).
It is just a payback to the unions of California. Pathetic leeches are they.