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Theodore Dalrymple
Thoughts on Woolwich « Back to Story

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absolutely brilliant.
Not one word is extraneous; every observation substantiated fully.
very sorry to hear that, Edward
Mr. Dalrymple, whom I've just discovered, seems to have ideas similar to ones I'm just in the process of forming. I've been thinking about social decay and its causes. I recently read a book on the demoralization of society compared to the Victorian era. It gave me food for thought. So do his writings. There seems to be a concerted effort to deconstruct society. The people behind it should be identified, disagreed with and mocked. The curtain should be pulled back to reveal naked commisars.
H.Raymundo Escobar: "muslim lands have been trampled on, invaded and to a certain extent, degraded, since the crusades on by western powers, imperialism gone mad has resulted in BLOWBACK."

Nice try: Muslims have always been the most imperialist of all. The Crusades were preceded by centuries of Muslim imperialist aggression. Anyway, the murderor of Lee Rigby is a British citizen, so those "Muslim lands" you presume to be victimized by Western imperialism should have nothing to do with him, if citizenship and the nation state are to have any meaning at all.
"Adebolajo was born in London of Nigerian parents who were devout Christians. He did not learn his manners from them, therefore..."
How would you know? Many Xians are uncouth, violent louts. Being superstitious does not make one better behaved.
"He made it sound as if what they saw were a natural disaster, rather than a voluntary act that he performed."
Actually, her regarded it as a NECESSITY,given what he views to be Western violence against Islam. Just like the French Maquis contre the German occupation.
"By “you” he meant the inhabitants of the country in which he had grown up and spent his life."
That's how I feel; my country of Birth is an accident. Affiliation to my people is by choice. Do you necessarily regard this as a bad thing?
"...though he was neither born a Muslim..."
No one is born a Muslim, nor a Xian, nor with any other superstition. You mean "born to Muslim parents", but I will concede this might be the editor using the incorrect terminology for obfuscating brevity.
Overall score: B-. Must try harder.
Most all contemporary delusions can be traced to self-referring inconsistencies that people are not even aware of. Logic should be taught from infancy, and later on, once basic logical rules and relations are understood, there should be an emphasis on self-reference issues. There are two basic categories of this: simple ones such as "All generalzations are false" and more indirect reductionistic ones, such as "everything is genetically determined".
UK first – its has 70 years of socialism where people don't need anything and are not responsible for anything. It induces extreme novel ideologies. The CCCP lasted only that long! Beware! And China has 10 more years. 70 is a cycle discovered by a Russian.

I see and this differs from the US how?

And we didn't teach our terrorists how to fly, mate.
My views of UK and Islamic culture.

UK first – its has 70 years of socialism where people don't need anything and are not responsible for anything. It induces extreme novel ideologies. The CCCP lasted only that long! Beware! And China has 10 more years. 70 is a cycle discovered by a Russian.

In an analysis of the 1990's Kosovo War I found the new recruits to Islam following Tom Brown's School Days Boy's Own Adventure* – A Testosterone induced high of male chauvinism. Islam's tribal traditions extol the expression of manliness and actively suppress the female side. So blood and death are sport. Killing the ultimate sport. To kill the solder thus is sport – Islamic Sport. Each Muslim personally sacrifices a goat to Allah. Be prepared for more!

The Koran facilitates the sport by denigrating others and defining Islam as the ultimate religion.

* This male need was transformed first by rugby and later by the Boy Scouts in UK. And will explain why the 'Arab Spring' will be fruitless – the Koran is set in stone and can't change. Any reformation allows a blossoming of many ideas and a battle for supremacy of one – which is what happened in CCCP and Muslims know that.
Speaking of the use of language, I'm mildly put off by Dr. Dalrymple's use of "body language" in lieu of "deportment." Then again, no one is perfect.
It is all looking quite complex and violent. The battle lines are being drawn, Indians will side with the whites against the Pakistanis, Asians will side with the whites. The black will be split on religion. Then when it is over the populations will live in seperate towns mainly with full free trade and integration, while there will be other towns that integrate. Asia will be split in two, look at Thailand even now, the US and EU could go the same way.
Whether the leader of the split is the beast or not, is yet to be seen.
Glad I live out the way in rural Australia, but it will come here when the victors eye the land up, or China just wants the resources at cost.
Enoch Powell warned this would happened. One witness to the beheading described it as rivers of blood flowing through the street.
When Michael Adebolajo was arrested in kenya, his family had been told by the Kenyan authorities that he would be hanged or beheaded.

But he was freed to return to Britain.

"The decision has raised questions over official involvement in Mr Adebolajo's release – and the true extent of his connections with the intelligence services since he returned home to the UK."
As TD said, in a civilised country these people would already be behind bars or dead so cound not commit these atrocities. At least the US is civilised enough to still have the death penalty.
It amazes me how some of you might in any way justify this ghastly act.

Forgive me I don't possess the brain power of most of you. But it seems to me this was a murder done by a couple of men already familiar with criminal behavior including violence....if I were muslim I would not claim these guys.

'If you’re reading this comment, you’re definitely not in jolly old England. Brits are into self-censorship to a degree we Yanks haven’t adopted.'

Where are you getting this nonsense from?
“it is violence within them that causes them to convert to Islam”. Reasonable observation until you step back and examine patterns outside Woolwich. Sweden experiences recent riots, the rioters aren’t a population cross-section of Svens, Eriks and Mohammeds however, rather various first name spellings which invariably start with ‘Mo’. A stabbing in Paris - passed off as just another copycat crime. Bombing a public event in Boston, two more men afflicted with this author’s explanation of internal violence claiming a religious motivation. A US army major murders fellow soldiers including an unborn child but chalked up to workplace stress – simply another government worker who went postal.

An organized and well financed foreign terrorist cell who will bring down the World Trade Center but also a lone bomber convert with the unlikely Muslim name of Richard Reid. Not adhering to this author’s convenient rationalizations, there seems to be both consistent patterns of organized jihadists and the apparent lack of consistent patterns to explain the violence.

Western governments are faced with a serious dilemma nowadays. One very common and consistent denominator underlying each violent act but no reliable precursor symptoms with which to predict violence. The FBI and MI5 are helpless, they can’t pack nascent terrorist cells or two man terrorist teams with their undercover agents – the Klu Klux Klan once followed this author’s observation regarding violent internal tendencies driving membership but today our mighty governments lack those official Klan infiltrators who could provide timely warnings. Immigration enforcement bureaucrats can’t cull the immigrant bad guys from those good guys yearning to be free. Foreign government sponsored terrorism on one end of the specturm, lone bombers and beheaders on the other end. The native Western populations living in the middle between their helpless governments and a Las Vegas style buffet of angry terrorists in all shapes and guises.

How can we collectively admit these unorthodox attacks resemble no war we are familiar with from our past – it’s entirely outside our living experience with past threats. The Brits pretend it’s merely another form of IRA type terrorism, eventually it will all blow over. America lacks a competent IRA with which to rationalize a predictable end to the violence. And our former Weathermen and Black Panthers were mild mannered amateurs compared to our resident jihadists operating today. Our media and intelligentsia are stymied as well, no formula themes seem to explain these violent attacks – not poverty, not alienation, not racism – how to appear supremely knowledgable without believable insights to offer the public? We intuitively sense we’re in deep trouble but eventually this escalating violence should all blow over – or at least that’s what we’re told to believe.
Wasn't it Goebbels who said something to the effect of, show me a communist and I'll show you a potential Nazi? Those ideologies, like radical Islam, appeal to the same sort of person.
"The fact that the young men in the area chose to be bystanders and take videos with their cell phones instead of grabbing the nearest blunt objects to aid Rigby also speaks volumes of current British society."

Exactly. I was faced with a similar attempt to kill a limo driver in July of 2000 on 43rd street in New York City. He was being beaten senseless. I yelled "HALT !!" in the ear of the attacker as loud as I could.

Then I headed west toward Times Square running as fast as I could with the thug chasing me, screaming he was going to kill me. I was far from young. But then we didn't all have cell phones and we were not obsessed with YouTube. Saving the man's life took only an instant's thought of St. Michael and then action.
South London might make one a little rough around the edges, or even make one a criminal, but it takes radicalized Islam or other strain of fanaticism to convince one that bloody murder is righteous.
*There is little doubt that there is a link between the prevailing secularism in Europe, and murderous Islam. The quiet rejection of the Judeo-Christian worldview over the course of the last century has resulted in a bare materialism,*

And in the good old US of A? I seem to recall that the reason various extremist mosques/imams were not thoroughly investigated pre 9/11 was due to sensitivity to 'religious organizations'.

And what is the 'Judeo-Christian worldview'? This is an oxymoron.
There is little doubt that there is a link between the prevailing secularism in Europe, and murderous Islam. The quiet rejection of the Judeo-Christian worldview over the course of the last century has resulted in a bare materialism, (and an unparalleled plenty in no small measure the result of the Judeo-Christian worldview) which is quite incapable of dealing with a rampant Islam. This has, at the same time, spawned equal measures of jealously and disgust in the minds of young Muslims - a volatile mix of a sense of cultural inferiority, and a religious superiority fueled by the facile concepts of the Koran.

To compound the matter, the West, after the usual guilty introspection, has nothing to offer except a re-iteration of human rights. This concept, now orphaned as it were, appears to be increasingly impotent and in peril.
Dalrymple. You're a fool
twas once said by someone,"we cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws" now whatever could that mean?
Well balanced and thoughtful post,

Thanks much.
No, It couldn't possibly be Imperium Wars XIII and IV that set him off, even if that's what he's saying.

See, this is why English CANNOT be the official language of the United States.

Keep pretending like you don't understand your own freaking language because of the skin color of the speaker.

And how are you so sick, that you don't understand you would be doing the same thing if our country was invaded and we were killed by the millions for someone else's "prosperity"?
'Ya' know, in Texas them boys would have had about 40 rounds in them, each, before the police showed up. In Texas, we reach for the gun before we reach for the gun.'

Which is why your crime rate is a big fat zero.

So what happened to those two Texan prosecutors who were shot dead outside a Texan courthouse? Some one was uncharacteristically slow on the draw on that day.
And just how are the citizens of the UK allowed to defend themselves against such violence? Can they carry pepper spray? Are they allowed to carry wooden batons? How about stun guns, are they legal? Help me to understand why a society organizes itself so that only the criminals have weapons.
Ya' know, in Texas them boys would have had about 40 rounds in them, each, before the police showed up. In Texas, we reach for the gun before we reach for the gun.

I cry for you Brits. Spineless, submissive and morally decadent losers. And you drive really wimpy little cars that scream "I am weak!"
Where White as with this Lee James, a psychopath. Beyond odd.

Where Black and acting similarly, an indictment on a whole region and segment of society. Representative of the whole of South London in this scree.

You hypocritical pile of manure, Dalrymple! Look at yourself.
William P. Best, Sr. May 30, 2013 at 1:45 PM
Damn, you write with uncommon clarity. I might just presume to add that the obscene assault on Rigby also exposes features of human nature that, although they may have contributed to fitness in the hunting and gathering environment in which they undoubtedly developed, aren’t particularly adaptive in modern cultures. Nor are they likely to be modified by natural selection if modern cultures continue to excuse the culprits from the consequences of their behavior.
But, I suppose lining them all up and shooting them – with their fat-ass clerics – would seem a bit harsh to the softhearted. Besides, the real problem would seem more to be the soft-headed culture that tolerates broken homes and criminal behavior, not so much the radical Islam that merely contaminates vulnerable young minds. Better-reared youth would be better able to see the absurdities of radical Islam.
The dilemma seems to be circular: badly-reared youth will become a part of the same society that reared them badly and corrupt the next generation in proportion to their reproductive fecundity relative to that of society’s more civilized members.
We have been here before so where would you suggest would be the most effective place to break into the circle this time?
William P. Best, Sr.
The fact that the young men in the area chose to be bystanders and take videos with their cell phones instead of grabbing the nearest blunt objects to aid Rigby also speaks volumes of current British society.
If you’re reading this comment, you’re definitely not in jolly old England. Brits are into self-censorship to a degree we Yanks haven’t adopted. London based media websites have published many articles on the Woolwich atrocity but usually accompanied by the message: “No Comments Allowed”. For the few articles or editorials which allowed comments, hundreds of emotional responses resulted in overworked comment moderators, individual comments permanently removed and finally the ability to comment suspended entirely. With their centuries older culture, Brits realize that angry comments only lead to more angry comments, biting accusations and much vulgarity – it’s the mob action effect don’t you know. So, if you have nothing polite to say, then say nothing at all seems to be their motto. Remain calm, keep the conversation civil and eventually all this jihad nonsense will blow over. So far that approach doesn’t seem to be working but long term it might just work out – like the IRA “troubles” did.

Americans need not gloat over our more liberal freedoms to speak our minds, we’re also into self-censorship only we approach it from different angles. If you’re not convinced of that go to any large airport. TSA officials feel compelled to interrogate, pat down and even grope 78 year old grandmothers from Boise and girls under the age of 10. And not because the TSA officers are sexual perverts but rather to prove we Americans can be just as fair, impartial and civilized as the Brits. We don’t actually believe grandma from Boise is strapped with explosives, the TSA folks don’t believe it either but the alternative is ethnic profiling and we’ve decided profiling is far worse than occasionally exploring granny’s more sensitive body parts. It’s a silly, almost demented in nature, approach but our self-censorship demands we act as if everyone is a potential bomber, even though no one believes it. And who can deny it works perfectly within our airports during recent years – but not so well during marathons or within the UK’s subway system.

Our secret, deeply buried fear, is that citizens will gather in mobs and act outrageously unless we self-censor collective speech and our writings. London’s Daily Telegraph and Guardian websites share that exact fear along with their government officials. Many private UK citizens also harbor an unspoken anxiety over what retaliatory actions their fellow subjects are capable of unleashing. And if that capability should ever be realized, mobs of stout Englishmen, and their even more courageous Englishwomen, might rampage through London hunting down members of a specific religion and wreaking a bloody vengeance.

Here in America, the same secret fears exist but also remain unrevealed – just ask the gun control folks for an honest answer as to why they believe all private firearms should be confiscated. And maybe the Brits are right when it comes to self-censorship, this jihad insanity may all blow over eventually – but then again maybe not.
Rage, goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son, Achilles; murderous, doomed that cost the Achaeans countless losses, hurling down to the house of death so many souls...
Pied Piper May 29, 2013 at 11:51 PM
What was it that the British Prime Minister David Cameron said about this incident? Oh yes, here it is:

I see. Didn't know that PM was an Islamic expert, but there you are.

Didn't George W. Bush stress that 'Islam is a religion of peace' apres 9/11?
Didn't George W. Bush stress that 'Islam is a religion of peace' apres 9/11?
I would imagine that is on high alert.
Heather McFarlane May 30, 2013 at 8:01 AM
Isn't Woolwich a school for British soldiers? What happened to the soldiers? Were they locked up in their barracks in order to prevent any of them from reacting to the murder of a fellow soldier?

I notice that Cameron, with wrinkled brow, has stamped his tiny feet and announced that there will be no more of "this"! I came upon a long interview with Tommy Robinson, who leads the English Defense League, and who (to me) made a lot of sense. The UK Daily Mail says his group is a nasty vigilante group, filled with 'extremists'. Well, that is what we will reap as the forces of law and order (police and soldiers) hide in their barracks and watch the disaster on TV.
'the predatory lope' thing: doesn't that originate in American prisons and so called 'gang culture'?
And pure South London was Pure South London like crime is crime is crime. "His every gesture was pure South London; the predatory lope with which he crossed the road after speaking into the camera was pure South London"
So then the question is naturally who will rid us of these meddlesome pure South London clerics?
*We Yankees are at least civilized enough to define "treason" as waging war on your country or giving aid and comfort to its enemies. As its enemies would love it if he soothed you with lies, and yet he tells the truth, we would not call him a traitor.

If you do, he has but another reason to praise us and denigrate you. . . perhaps you ought try acting in a praiseworthy manner.*

Dalrymple is not in a position to 'sooth' us with anything. He is pretty much unknown over here. Just another public servant on a government pension.

Still, he's admired by our 'friends' across the big pond so I guess that's something. Such excellent judges of character too. I seem to recall that until rather recently Gerry Adams was very popular over there. One Republican Senator called him 'the next George Washington': that's in spite of the fact that his stated aim was to create a socialist united Ireland.

If you want to familiarize yourselves with the US funding of the Irish Republican Army then read the first chapter of Margaret Thatcher's 'The Downing Street Years.'

Terrorism did not begin on 9/11.

Pop another Ritalin.
After Sweden and this horrible murder in the UK, there is no doubt, HOLLAND is next.
In Holland, hatespeeching Imams are free to do whatever they like, including praising Moroccan-Dutch youth to "honorably" fight the Jihad in Syria. This group HATES every single Dutch man,woman,child and senior citizen. They abuse,spit,rob,torture,shoot and they do so, protected by the "good" people of the farleft, the left and the policor multiculture-worshippers. You thought Sweden was bad? Check out Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Utrecht...mark my words, it'll happen sooner rather than later. And yes, there IS a connection between abberated behaviour and ISLAM. This (especially but not exclusively) Moroccan culture is based on islamic values, like stealing from a non-muslim is justified, lying to a non-muslim is justified, violence against a non-muslim is justified.
The sickening silence from the policor left will destroy social cohesion and after a lot of damage,unrest and declining moral values, that silence will eventually lead to an uprising from people who will take matters into their own hands. A government that fails to act should be overthrown. In case of the Dutch government, this Rutte administration is the WORST government EVER.EVER!(ever!) Never before has unemployment been so high,taxation so extraordinary bizar,austerity to infinity and a total and utter collapse of the housingmarket,consumerconfidence and the logical absence of economic growth. So there you have it, the truth about Holland. It's a shithole!
Islam had nothing to do with this or the other violent acts committed in its name. The vast, vast majority of these horrible acts are inspired by political grievances -bombings, drone killings, invasions of muslim countries, installation of western puppet dictators, all by the west.

Islam is thrown in as further justification...but the overwhelming majority of muslims want nothing to do with these animals. However, it shouldn't be a surprise that some testosterone-raged nuts will take matters into their own hands. The real surprise is that these acts are few and far between. Maybe Islam really is a religion a peace.

Imagine if our country and nearby countries were constantly being invaded, destroyed and bombed by a foreign power whose citizens were overwhelmingly of a different religion. I'm sure our people would respond in kind...and then some.
"Mr Dalrymple writes skillfully but nowhere in his piece addresses the VERY REAL fact that muslim lands have been trampled on, invaded and to a certain extent, degraded, since the crusades on by western powers, imperialism gone mad has resulted in BLOWBACK."

As if jihad did not precede the Crusades by centuries. They have never lacked excuses to attack whenever they wished. There is no excuse for dreaming they would stop if given what they demand.
"He brown noses the Yanks and denigrates his own nation. Doesn't that make him a traitor?"

We Yankees are at least civilized enough to define "treason" as waging war on your country or giving aid and comfort to its enemies. As its enemies would love it if he soothed you with lies, and yet he tells the truth, we would not call him a traitor.

If you do, he has but another reason to praise us and denigrate you. . . perhaps you ought try acting in a praiseworthy manner.
Interesting but again missing the point completely.I wish journalists when writing articles like this do their research properly when claiming like in the following quote by Theodore

'What these cases show is that it is not Islam that makes young converts violent; it is the violence within them that causes them to convert to Islam.'

Not fully true because Islam does encourage it and even justifies it if it's in the name of Islam.Just go to sources themselves in the koran, the hadiths and islamic history to see it clearly.If we keep on ignoring the facts then we should be prepared for more violence that is definitely going to unfold yet..This unfortunate beheading is just the beginning of what is yet to come.These guys are not stupid of unintelligent that they dont understand the koran and its teachings but they express it exactly like how it's suppose to be.A responsible country like the UK should face up to the facts instead of hiding from truth and the media needs to be at forefront of it.
H.Raymundo Escobar May 30, 2013 at 4:39 AM
Mr Dalrymple writes skillfully but nowhere in his piece addresses the VERY REAL fact that muslim lands have been trampled on, invaded and to a certain extent, degraded, since the crusades on by western powers, imperialism gone mad has resulted in BLOWBACK. Resentment of interference and invasion after invasion has eroded the manhood of muslim men who see fit to hit back in, sometimes, the worst possible manner ... BLOWBACK is real, and is here to stay, as a matter of fact there is no relenting by the US and the NATO gang to destroy muslim countries, one at a time, Iraq, Lybia, Syria ... one gags at the naivete of the western press not realizing who the real culprits of the hatred are .
WE ARE !!!!!
In both America and Great Britain, people who would have civilised lives are outnumbered by the angry wretches waiting with one hand out and the other clinching a weapon. The politicians who have purchased the present state of affairs either own the dependent populace or are owned by it--according to the time of day. Because it is not civilised to form a gang, it may be that we and our civilisation are doomed. Does anyone have a suggestion?
And no tribute to the slain soldier from the good doctor?

(not really, because the publicly funded psychiatrist has a history of denigrating our armed forces. America, America, please offer him political asylum sometime soon.)

He brown noses the Yanks and denigrates his own nation. Doesn't that make him a traitor?

Terrorism is nothing new to us. Remember the IRA? No, I can see why our 'friends' on the other side of the big pond would want to forget that.
To Mr. Cameron ; "Qui cum canibus cuncumbunt cum publicibus surgent"
Well written, I enjoyed Dalyrymple's take on this horrendous event. The background and life history of the murderers I thought illuminating. Immigration and alienation, government impotent non-intervention but also the fact these were petty criminals adrift in their own society ripe for the picking. I like the 'identity crisis turned pathological' and 'the squaring of the adolescent circle.' Like the Boston murderers these individuals turn on a society that offered promise that they couldn't or wouldn't accept. We as society need to understand in order to address this terrifying trend.
What this article shows is that Theodore Dalrymple is a snob, utterly into "US" versus "THEM," just as eager to put down the assailant's accent and adolescent attempts to belong to something as he is to denounce terrorism. Attacks like Dalrymple's inflame, by suggesting that the attacker was a violent bad guy perversely refusing to take advantage of the help all around him rather than a confused kid trying to build an identity and finding the wrong one.
Oh, Bruce, please don't be so bleeding naive to assume that further and further development of European intellect will turn the tide. It is intellectual rationalizations to be free thinkers, viz., irresponsible addicts to every whim, temptation, rationalization, promise of pleasure, and capricious appetite literally begging for an excuse to exist.

Unless you pray and fast, these kind cannot be expelled. Nineve did fasting in sackcloth and ashes. London fasts to keep her figure competitive with all the others, yet can't find an interested male in all the land other than the black Muslims. Why? Birth dearth, and the obsolescence of Europe due to the Pill, the IUD, the condoms, the abortions and the divorces. Where's the sackcloth these days? Where the ashes. God saved Nineve when they did so? Today? Oh, dearie, dearie, dearie me! We can't suffer so much as a fingernail lacking polish! Horrors! What will we do when we find ourselves burning in Hell in short order, after the strenuous Chastisement comes upon us, promised in Holy Writ, and sworn to by Catholic prophets for the past several centuries, finally dictated by the Blessed Virgin in Akita, La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, and now, lastly, Medjugorje?

Nothing we can do? Sackcloth and ashes convinced God once. Can't do it now? Wimps! Old men! Can't even support a prostitute trade, from what I read in the Economist. Whaddya gonna dooo when they come for YOU!???!
A betrayal of Islam? No wonder he's in charge of a formerly world dominating nation. He's obviously never read the Quran, or never studied its copious calls to convert the infidel by the sword, so aptly wielded by Mr. Adebolajo in God's justice against an English adulterer. Peaceful Islam? Has Mr. Cameron ever watched the evening news? Read the headlines? Studied even the dour Economist's studies of Islamic violence? Noticed the chaos surrounding Israel while liberals align themselves with Islamists and call for its annihilation? No wonder he thinks that a tired old bunch of over the hill, past their prime, unable to man a significant armed force Englishmen, having spent their seed uselessly in the pursuit of heterosexual or homosexual fruitlessness, will end Islamic violence by "standing together." He seems to forget the Catholic success in the Crusades to reopen the Holy City of Jerusalem for European Faithful and keeping them from being enslaved by the Islamics. Ooooo, nasty thought, that, isn't it, liberals, that there was an actually well grounded reason, and DEFENSIVE reason at that, for the Crusades?

And what about that staggering defeat at the gates of Vienna of the Moorish invasion? Dang, they almost had it, but blew it.

And that nasty little Catholic naval victory at LePanto in 1571. Good ol' Catholicism did it again, eh?

And now secular Europe INVITES the enemy to enter the very citadel in the name of diversity and equal opportunity, nay, even democracy. Why bother with traps to catch diseased rats when liberal diversity invites the ultimate disaster for the European continent.

Did Mr. Cameron notice what's going on in Malmo? The bombs in London and Spain? The riots in Paris? The categorical imposition of Sharia law in Muslim communities all over Europe to the disdain of local and national law?

What planet is Mr. Cameron living on? What planet his electorate? Hellooooo?? Is anyone home in Europe? Anyone in America??? Helllooooo???
Christianity, as exercised in the West, is a water-downed version of "authentic Christianity." But the factors that made possible that water-downed version of "authentic Christianity" have no power to change Islam - even if this religion is practiced in the West.

Rather the reverse is true: with increasing numbers of Muslims, it is Islam that will change the West. This on his turn explains also why a “Western Islam” (or a Western version of Islam) will never exist in the future neither.

And here is the reason why:

Islam adopted Christian practices in all departments of life. The state, society, the individual, economics and morality were thus collectively under Christian influence during the early period of Muhammedanism.

Thus in every department we meet with that particular type of Christian theory which existed in the East during the seventh and eighth centuries. This Christian theory of life was subjected to many compromises in the West, and was materially modified by Teutonic influence and the revival of classicism.

However, in Islam, this Christian theory underwent NOT a similar modification. Why? Because Muhammedan scholars were accustomed to propound their dicta as utterances given by Muhammed himself, and in this form Christian ideas also came into circulation among Muhammedans. When attempts were made to systematise these sayings, all were treated as alike authentic, and, as traditional, exerted their share of influence upon the formation of canon law.

Sayings of Muhammed became part of canon law and therefore binding for all time. Thus the process of development which was continued in Christendom, came to a standstill in Islam, thus questions of temporary importance to Christianity became PERMANENT elements in Muhammedan theology.

Here began the development of Muhammedan jurisprudence or, more exactly, of the doctrine of duty, which includes every kind of human activity, duties to God and man, religion, civil law, the penal code, social morality and economics.

All human acts are thus legally considered as obligatory or forbidden when corresponding with religious commands or prohibitions, as congenial or obnoxious to the law or as matters legally indifferent and therefore permissible. The arrangement of the work of daily life in correspondence with these religious points of view is the most important outcome of the Muhammedan doctrine of duties.

It will thus be immediately obvious to what a vast extent Christian theory of the seventh and eighth centuries still remains operative upon Muhammedan thought throughout the world.

However: a change may well take place. Islam may gradually acquire the spirit as well as the form of modern Europe. Centuries were needed before mediaeval Christianity learned the need
for submission to the new spirit.

Within Christendom itself, it was non-Christian ideas which created the new movement, but these were completely amalgamated with pre-existing Christianity. Thus, too, a Renaissance is possible in the East, not merely by the importation and imitation of European progress, but primarily by intellectual advancement at home even within the sphere of religion.

cf. Carl Heinrich Becker, "Christianity and Islam" (1909).
What was it that the British Prime Minister David Cameron said about this incident? Oh yes, here it is:

""This was not just an attack on Britain but also a betrayal of Islam - and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act. We will defeat violent extremism by standing together."

I see. Didn't know that PM was an Islamic expert, but there you are.
Brilliant article, the best yet that I have read on the subject of the killing of Lee Rigby. Whereas other waffle on about Islamists and their access to mainstream media, this article clearly shows the underlying faults in our own society.
Remember Enoch Powell? In England, chickens come home to roost.

The country is falling apart, anyway, and has been for nearly a century. With progressive decay, expect breakdown and bloodshed. That is the nature of the beast, and it is useless trying to socio-psyche it away. Decline, then fall.
Well, well, well ... the protest-ant revolution finally brings its chickens home to roost, eh? Sorry to point out the obvious, but let's recall who God sent as a chastising force to do with the disobedient Jews when they turned away from God's commandments. The people of whom Genesis speaks in reference to Agar's offspring: 16:12. "He shall be a wild man: his hand will be against all men, and all men’s hands against him: and he shall pitch his tents over against all his brethren."

What segment of the human race does this sound like? Hmmm?

And now we behold in secular Europe, home of the protest-ant revolution, dissolving into tens of thousands of competing sects with one and one only common thread holding them together, the vitriolic detestation of the only Church established by Christ, the One, Holy, Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church.

And what shall we say of all the empty Catholic Churches in Europe, many of which have been transformed into the mosques of the worshippers of satan himself? Jesus Christ abandoned, ignored and despised in the empty churches containing Him Truly Present in the Blessed Sacraments. Priestly vocation crisis, anyone? Hmmm? Where are the child bearing women in, say, Italy or France, which are now bastions of secular thought, and the sewers of Europe are stacked high with the corpses of murdered fetuses, now feeding the rats as sacrifices to hedonism and the Almighty Euro, while Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and Ferrari autos are the goal of life itself? How shall God consider those of us who believe that the achievements of this life are all that matter and endless eternity a mere archaic, superstitious fantasy?

Secular Europe and secular western civilization, beware what is soon to come, as predicted by St. Malachy so long ago. Keep watching secular TV, full of sexual imagery so that the commandment of Christ that the one who even looks at a woman with lust in his heart has committed adultery. Keep listening to all the TV comedies wherein God's Holy Name is taken in vain, in violation of the 2nd commandment. Shall we even comprehend the impact of the 1st commandment to love God with all our hearts, all our souls and all our strength, when money, sex and rock 'n roll is the sole focus of our cravings?

What shall we say when rock 'n roll is satan's own little device to mock our formerly Christian society as rock mocks Peter, the rock upon whom Christ and the Holy Ghost built the Catholic Church and whose bones are directly below the altar of St. Peter's Basilica? And roll is a piece of bread, mocking the Eucharist without the reception of which no soul shall enter Heaven?

Oh, people, watch in awe as the Muslims reproduce exponentially, indoctrinate their own and those who are "deprived because they are depraved" and rapidly inducted into the drug trade. Fr. Corapi spoke of witnessing satanic priests called in to cast a curse upon the drugs coming into the west. How many ingest this spiritually lethal excuse for "Nirvana," all part of yet another unorthodox eastern "religion" designed to drag and tear formerly pseudo Christian souls into damnation.

The protest-ant revolution: divide and conquer. The Islamic invasion, divide and conquer because western men are insatiable sexual monsters and women are killing their own children with birth control and abortion, all legalized by secular western governments and judiciaries. Man's law always trumps God's, doesn't it? And fornication is always the ultimate reason for the sexual drive, rather than replacing and multiplying the population.

Two world wars, and the Blessed Mother even predicting the 2nd one in Fatima, and man was supposed to better himself lest it come upon us. Did he? Nope! Did it? Yep!

And now Medjugorje, the final appearance of the Blessed Mother, has been going on well over 20 years, does anyone listen? St. Malachy has predicted that our current Pope Francis is the final one. Is anyone worried? God has brought upon us financial ruin getting worse and worse, while governments ASSURE us that things are getting better and better, GUARANTEED!

We abort our children, God aborts our money. Fair's fair, isn't it? Who's in charge, us mortals who die by the thousands every day, or God, Who is eternal?

And who did our adulterous soldier meet, if not God's chosen weapon of chastisement?

Oh, can't wait to hear the resilient, self-justifying cat calls of all the PROTEST-ants whose life-long resistance to His Law and His Church has led to functional atheism throughout Europe and the U.S., so bring it on, boys and girls. It won't make a whit of difference to Him. The Great Chastisement is upon us and we are blind to its causes, ever self-justifying and self rationalizing ... to the grave.
Jacqueline O'Connor May 29, 2013 at 8:40 PM
Will immigrants, legal or illegal, behave in such ways after Congress takes them "out of the shadows"? Why would they; most come from Mexico and Central or South America where the U.S. has been meddling for decades in covert (dirty) wars.
Pardon my typos. I think one word; fingers type something other. I am literate. It is Pistol. and "the neighborhood."
Auntie Analogue May 29, 2013 at 7:39 PM
None of Islam's ready-made excuses for commission of homicide would have been available to these two "alienated" (can you hear me bowing the world's tiniest violin) butchers had Her Majesty's Government prudently declined to Import the Third World.

We in the United States now suffer under a regime of Dear Rulers no less criminally irresponsible and culpable than Britain's have proven themselves to have been and to continue to be in Importing the Third World.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap."
So what else is new? What was the society in which Villon's university years were spent? What was neighborhood where Bardolph, PIston, Falstaff, et alia, and Prince Heir-apparent Hal gambolled murderously? Hal had a solution, as did Falstaff: take them off to be peppered on the field of battle. The main difference is that once into Islamism, these trashy lads will kill their colleagues, which is happening often enough, while our society makes nice, as in the Fort Hood massacre, and excuses their behavior in the old PC fashion, making a mockery of law and justice and of course society....
"By “our” he [Adebolajo] meant all Muslims, though he was neither born a Muslim nor had ever lived in a Muslim country..."

But you are wrong Doctor Dalrymle. The United Kingdom IS a Muslim country. It is too late to maintain otherwise.
Okay Mr Dalrymple, where are the devout Christian parents and their supposed benign religious values in all this? Do they get a pass because they live in a slum and their children run wild, join gangs and do drugs?
You pull no punches. Thank you. Your analysis is on the mark, well founded. Your understanding of the local culture of this area is strong, and adds much depth to your statements. The normal press do not venture near those details. Of course, MY question (certain to remain unanswered by any of significance) is WHAT will be changed to ameliorate the situation in London, and WHEN? WILL those elected and charged with maintaining order in society have the stones to DO what is needed? Or will they continue with jelly for spines and whinge on about "the situation", and lie to their masters (the people they purportedly serve)that "this is not typical of islam"?

Even more important, will OUR elected officials this side the Pond read this incident aright and take appropriate warning from it? Their mad thrust to extend amnesty to all and sundry is frightening, as this thinking is, in large part, at root in this type of thing.
David Mountolive May 29, 2013 at 5:26 PM
It seems to me that Islam lacks some essential moral dimensions that we associate with Judeo-Christianity. These include compassion, love, humility and mercy which, although not always practised, provide a solid foundation for decent behaviour. Not surprisingly, the 'bloodthirsty form' of Islam is in keeping with Koranic teachings that promote killing of one's fellow humans as a duty and virtue. In fact, one might question whether Islam is a political ideology rather than a religion, as we know it.
Mark Durie has a better article
Savages like this Adebolajo should be hunted down, not given welfare and coddled.