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Matthew Hennessey
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It is never too late to realize that when things go wrong (or things go right) that there is no substitute for family. Go home. You are already half the way there. The best part is that you know it.
This is an important message. I'd like to read his book.
I suppose family is important, but let me ask who you spend more time with...friends or family ? So often families split, sometimes by great distances, but friends seem to last or new ones gained wherever you land !
I almost stopped at "choked back sobs" but I've read and enjoyed Rob Dreher before ("Crunchy Cons" a concept, not the title)so I finished the review. And no, I'm not an emotionally repressed mossback but that's enough soul baring, at least in this lifetime.
Patrick MacKinnon May 24, 2013 at 6:31 PM
Nice review. Certainly calls for a read of, "The Little way...".
We are all regrettably too familiar with the big C. and its terrible
consequences for the family.
If a career in some far-flung locale pays enough, a wise use of some of the surplus over basic existence can be to schedule family vacations together.

Those given exceptional talent have (almost?) a duty to make what they can of it. The good of humanity at large has a claim on all of us, after all. It is suboptimal for van Cliburn to play just for the church choir.