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Lloyd Billingsley
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This should get a flood of approving comments. Not much related to current events.

One item: the American Indian Movement should be identified with the effort to create a meaningful system of criminal justice for Indians on the federal reservations. The big problem is that crimes against Indians by non-Indians could only be prosecuted in District Courts and by USAOs.

That didn't work. Murders, rapes, kidnappings, car thefts, all manner of felonies could slide by. Clearance rates routinely fell less than half the norms for these states. And not from Indians being unwilling to cooperate -- it was a bad system.

A.I.M. and friends may finally have gotten this solved in 2013. Florida did it decades ago but only for Florida. A reform allows local prosecution. But that is after dozens of murders, terrible crimes flying by unpunished and only for technicalities.