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Ben Boychuk
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I recommend giving California back to Mexico and just be done with it. Now it is August 4, 2015 City Councilman Johnny Pineda has appointed two illegal aliens to serve as commissioners on city advisory boards. There is also the issue of people coming from terrorist nations who aren't/can’t be screened. Do you want them to give you a sentence? Apparently, Mr. Pineda is happy with the idea of foreigners determining the future and culture of citizens. Governor Jerry Brown gave a very public and open invitation to all illegals to come to California in 2014. He said, “You’re all welcome in California”. Time to make your decision. America will NOT be taken over. Live Free Or Make Your Choice.
California is making citizenship obsolete.

To suggest that "due process and equal protection" (under the law), are "unique to the US" and that, "no legal immigrant will have experience of this in his previous country" is simply blinkered ignorance, as though British common law does not exist ( and pre-date American) over large areas of the world.
This is one more nail in the United States' coffin. The idea of assimilation, which helped make this nation UNITED, has been thrown out in favor of multiculturalism; and citizenship is becoming viewed as no-longer-important.
Perfect feeding ground for socialism.
Totally agree with author.
This is a terrible idea.
B. Samuel Davis May 13, 2013 at 6:13 AM
Democrats in California can't do enough pandering, plain and simple - and we can look forward to more of the same. The reason is it being done is that Democrats believe that passing laws like this make it more likely that immigrants will vote for Democrats - but that's a no brainer.

However, the more insidious reason for laws like this is that Democrats want Republicans out of California. That the law is good or bad is beside the point - considerations like these are utterly irrelevant. Democrats are using a tactic that has never been done on a state-wide level, but in California those who don't vote for Democrats are no longer welcome.

Republicans somehow think that as conditions worsen people will somehow wake up to the fact that it is the Democrats who are the reason for the bad economy, bad schools, high crime and all the rest. However, most of the media is in the control of Democrats who retain the ability to set the agenda, and have been conditioning the latino/immigrant community to think of Republicans as wealthy, white racists. There is no way that Repubicans can communicate anything at all - they may try to get that message out but all they will get is accusations of racism.

In fact, Democratic media has managed to make it so that even a recitation of facts is politically incorrect, and lead to racism charges. And for Republicans (not Democrats of course) racism is an instant career killer.

Add in the fact that Republicans are probably the most politically stupid group in history - including a leadership for whom the word 'blockhead' doesn't go far enough - and you have no chance that anything will change in California. It's worth reperating - Republicans who think that Latinos will somehow understand that allegiance to Democratic policies is destroying their community are fooling themselves - despite the truth of that statement, Democrats have managed to condition the Latino community into viewing Republicans as racists. And because Republicans never speak plainly on the issues they get nowhere.

But it isn't Republicans who will suffer the most for what is happening in California. Sadly, it bodes very very ill for Latinos that they have made the same mistake that African Americans made almost half a century ago. Latinos have made a devils bargain, but, without someone having the nerve to speak in plain terms the chances of any awakening or change in the inevitable, is slim to none. The idea that a Republican politician would ever do so is laughable.

But, on the other hand, with California fading fast what is there to lose?
In California one wonders why there is a requirement for jury members to speak English.
UnrepentantConservative May 12, 2013 at 1:34 PM
This is one step closer to the concept of a fair trial after which you are shot. All hail diversity!
Auntie Analogue May 11, 2013 at 11:07 PM
No one on trial in the United States ought to be subject to a verdict handed down, even in part, by a foreigner, let alone by a foreigner who is present here in violation of U.S. law. This proposed change in California law forms a blow against American citizens' sovereignty, self-determination, and self-government.
This is one more step in erasing the concept of US Citizenship in favor of some vaguely defined world citizenship. I have to wonder if the author of this piece of legislation is more loyal to the US or to some other nation state or supra nation state.

The traditional rule in a democracy is that you assume the patriotism of the opposition even when you question his judgement. I'm not sure we can do that any more.