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Judah Bellin
Principles Without Practice « Back to Story

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How can he ignore the prime directive of GOP politics: defend the 2nd Amendment and arm the country !

-- Police forces are not effective and cannot protect civilians. You need guns now more than ever before.
-- Armed defenses of homes happen more than 1,000,000 times a year.
-- The Gun Confiscation Army is running home invasion drills as you read. Beware.

(Or these are hoaxes. We read that violent crime is down by 15% since Obama started running for the presidency early in 2008. There are 10,000 legitimate home defense events or fewer and there's no GCA. Similar to the Reinhart & Rogoff phony-economics hoax. Similar to complaining that corporate taxes are sky high -- denying the effective rate at 12% which is very low indeed.)

What is "conservatism" today where the main themes from the professionals are as likely manufactured lies, as not ? How is this swill connected in any way with William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan ?
Metternich's Ghost May 04, 2013 at 12:59 AM
The reviewer sums up Berkowitz's position as "Drawing on our governing document’s core assumptions about human nature, constitutional conservatism advocates enforcing the separation of powers, upholding individual rights, and defending the “voluntary associations” that support a robust civil society."

How can he forget the United States' primary mission -- to remake the Middle East? Looks like the book is a nonstarter.