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Judith Miller
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The NYPD wouldn't have stopped this attack.

In fact, the NYPD wouldn't have stopped the bomb that was in a car in Times Square in 2010. The only thing that stopped that attack was the idiot terrorist himself. The loser was unable to activate the explosion because he locked himself out of the car.
The article makes some great points but completely ignores the total failure of the DOJ.

The excuse that they did not know the older brother traveled to Russia because of a misspelling ignores the fact that the passenger list of inbound and outbound flights is matched against passports.

While the FBI sent an army of agents to try to make the Treyvon Martin case a criminal case, they apparently just chatted with the older brother for a few and went onward. Certainly several warnings from the Russians that they believed he was a potential terrorist should have resulted in a brief background check which would have lead to the Mosque events. For a Muslim to interrupt services with shouted disagreement should have been a huge red flag.

DOJ also needs to explain how the students now under arrest managed to reenter the country with expired visa's.

Part of the problem lies with a DOJ that still classifies the Ft. Hood attack as common workplace violence. Perhaps it's because they also had warnings regarding that shooter.
This article makes a lot of assumptions and is wishful thinking.

But the Manhattan Institute should realize the reason why the NYPD has such a high tech, sophisticated anti-terrorism security program: TAXES! NYC high rates of taxation enable the city to take in higher levels of revenue which make it possible to have such a police security detail. I work in lower Manhattan and saw many of the sections of the "Ring of Steel" being built. That level of security isn't cheap. And much of it was built by (gasp!) union labor.
People need to calm down. It's not a criticism of Boston so much as a commendation of the terrorism watch apparatus put together by the NYPD. Boston has a little over half a million people, while New York City has over eight million. So of course NYPD would have a much more sophisticated operation there, especially since they were the site of the largest terror attack on Americans (and possibly largest loss of life in any terrorist attack in the world).
Ms. Miller, are you not the journalist who continually told us about the WMD,on the front page of the NYT I don't know why you were hired to write for this newspaper, if this nightmare had to happen I am glad Mayor Menino and the Governor of Massachusetts were in charge. I live in Boston and I have been at the race since I was a child and unlike NYC where everyone is talking hot air on what should of been done etc. Massachusetts did it. We take threats to security seriously. Why are we comparing apples to oranges, people are suffering and people died, let us not loose sight of what really happened. Stop with the blame game. There are people still suffering from Hurricane Sandy in NY pay some attention to that mess and stop telling other people who know how to handle disasters what to do. Stop writing Ms Miller and stay on Fox news talking
Why is it that the person who discovered Tsarnaev was never given full accolades and the law enforcement teams were left to get the glory. What hypocrisy! It is extraordinary how he was trivialised. It is also important to note that had henot discovered Tsarnaev it may have been at great cost to the city to keep hunting. Nobody noted that and no hero's award? What is going on.
Dear Ms. miller: Is it not nice of you to suggest all sorts of things how these terrorists could have been stopped by the police!

I suggest a better idea! If USA Were to instal a system to issue an internal "passport identification" system for every one including yourself that forces its citizens to apply and get permission before travel even in one's own country, then every bit of terrorist planning can be avoided. It worked extremely well in USSR and Eastern Block. Of course you will need such a part port too.

How about tat?
This is all speculative and hinges upon "if they had lived in NY." In other words, had they (living in MA) decided to attack Times Square before the marathon NYPD would have done none of the above mentioned investigating to stop them.

Unless you are to shut down the blocks around the marathon's end site and put in metal detectors, there is really no stopping an attack like this one. Aside from the FBI or CIA doing their job.

Stop crapping on BPD. Instead why don't you write a piece about how the city of Boston is going to have the balls to hold a terrorist trial on its own soil, something that scares New Yorkers.
Enrique Prieto Castillo April 26, 2013 at 7:37 AM
Good journalist job, an example to follow
It may well be that New York's aggressive and "outside the box" protocols led the team planning this mischief to avoid the city. Much as I strongly oppose New York's anti gun laws and certain other tactics/practices, I have to admit they DO a lot better than most other major cities. However, New York remains at the top end of the list of places to which I wil not voluntarily travel, and will keep its place until their firearms laws line up with at least the majority of other states, and their street cops leave behind their thuggery and making of criminals out of whole cloth on their own whim. I've known too many blatant abuses of law and rights perpetrated upon the public there to trust them with my presence. And no, I don't go LOOKING for trouble, nor do my friends who live there. It manages to persue them often enough.
She's right--the police appear not to have detected red flags. The mosque could have alerted the police too.
Even so: take a look at Moustafa Bayoumi's HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PROBLEM?
The state of being under suspicion for drinking coffee while Arab, taking the subway while Arab, and talking to your friends while Arab produces problems too.
Nothing is more difficult than communication, but the mosque could have communicated with the police, and the police as well as the CIA could probably have communicated more effectively with Russian authorities who reported that the brothers were behaving suspiciously.
Ms Miller has thrown down the gauntlet for the next NY Marathon.
The ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center will have the heebie-jeebies upon reading this article. If this country ever does collapse and come under Muslim rule, the "useful idiots" who buy into the disingenuous protestations of CAIR will have played a key role.