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Steven Greenhut
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Richard, I suggest you read this:
Don. I suggest you read the state constitution.
Cities are entirely creatures of the State legislatures, and have absolutely no independent 'rights' at all.
Ventura Capitalist April 26, 2013 at 8:59 AM
California: Where even the parasites have parasites.
Interesting article - I don't quite understand the difference between charter and non-charter cities, however. In my state muncipalities comform to statutes that govern their formation, each muncipality varying depedent on what type of government it hs - Village, Town, Borough, City etc. All of it actions derive from the statutory authority granted by the legislature. In other words, all power is derived and subject to legislative action.

My own view is that Democratic control of California means that it is on the road to ruin - and that no amount of ruin will change anything. This is due to the combination of Democratic media control, taxpayer subsidized Democratic campaigns as a result of donations by public unions (WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS! AM I WRONG? I mean, are public unoins allowed to use taxpayer derived monies to donate to Democrats? If so why isn't anyone talking about this!?), and Republican ineptitude - but ruin is in the future. And, as I've written, ad nauseum, and won't repeat, poverty is a boon to Democrats since it means that Republicans are chased away, consolidating power even further in Democrats.

Without any effort, or any ability due to Democratic media control, by Republicans, Democrats eseentially have no check on their power - the result is disaster, as a formerly prosperous, well run m well governed Republican state embraces poverty, high crime, bad government, low education and typical Democratic corruption both instiutionalized and just plain crooked.

Sorry - I do understand that there has to be analysis of all of this, but really, with what's going on the rest is details. All the writing, all the analysis, all the disclosure about what's wrong won't stop what's coming, These people could care less about anything but consolidation of power and their narrow interests. Good government be damned, prosperity be damned - education all the rest - it just doesn't matter tot hose in control in California or wherever Democrats are able to take a firm control.

But I understand the need to say something - but it won't make any difference.