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Bert Stratton
Renting the American Dream « Back to Story

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Mr. Stratton has a gift for "story telling"..... He should be on "The People's NPR"////// --- if it existed...
It would be interesting to see the difference in emploment rates and business start-ups between the different races.
I didn't have Jewish parents, but my father an electrician did work for a Jewish lawyer who had many rental houses. At 17 I worked with my father renovating this houses, until I was 24 and went to University. Mr.Reubens (Mr. out of respect, I still hold) said to me to do the Diploma in Construction Management after work and that got me into Economcis at University.
Mr.Rebens had no children and he gave me two hours coaching on the Diploma on Saturday mornings and I did three hours of gardening and odd jobs on his house. He had his law degree and degree in economics, so I got the better deal - but he had no children and delighted in teaching me. I remember my first lessons - copperplate writing, no one wants to read "ugly" writing, aged 17 copying lines, but I still was that "educated hand, when writing" - he was always pleased to see.
Dad had always renovated the houses we lived in and we then moved and "bought the worst house on the best street" we could afford. Dad was influence one, Mr.Reuben was influence two, do the same, but let the renter pay the mortgage for the first few years. Lesson three from Mr.Rebens was get the best price, ensure the work is done well and then pay in full on time; he always paid my Dad in cash at 12 noon sharp, arrived at 11 - 11.30am walked round and checked everything and then paid.
I liked the story, but when the rich have too much of the property and the rents are too high, the poor never get up much. This is the situation often in Asia for example, somewhere I have lived in teaching English language and running a small export business from. It is also the case in Southern Spain and has the name Latifindism, it would be a shame to see that same pattern emerge too much more in the US, as it is Europe.
most of our immigrants are mexican...
lessthantolerant July 07, 2013 at 3:16 AM
This is what made America great. Immigrants who left home came to America and pursued their dreams. if they can stay out of the business of victimology they will prosper. Let's help them by keeping our prejudices to ourselves also.
I believe both sides have powers who keep us at each others throat, it must stop. we all want personal freedom to pursue our dreams.
Haha. This article had me from the first sentence. Anything which begins like that can't NOT be great. :-)
Great story, very funny

Are there any differences in human interrelations across the Globe?
I had a Jewish friend in another city in another age. He was fond of telling me that over a bridge on way into Manhattan a graffiti artist had inscribed JESUS SAVES, to which a second had added, MOSES INVESTS. On contract employment in a University Department, and realising his chances of renewal were remote, he had purchased five houses with deposits from his salary, and let tenants pay off the mortgages with their rental money. At times of reflection on life's crazy roller coaster, and for other reasons also, I do regret not having had Jewish parents. Be nice to know, though, the next move.
Too funny. Oy Veh. A cautionary tale.
A short article: How wonderful! Oo is it.