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Photographs by Harvey Wang
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People would not sit around waiting fpr government assistance in the Midwest.
Funny how the rebuilding is taking so long. It's as if the subconscious mentality of New Yorkers is rebelling against innovation and resistance against a well known hostile world. Perhaps it's because we all know we are being punished for (a) birth control, (b) abortion and (c) the summary destruction of the family more interested in how much money and comfort it has than with the size of the family it could have had.

Pity no one here is familiar with Catholic prophecy, otherwise they'd understand exactly what is happening. Slow now, but picking up in speed and intensity over the past several years. The Great Chastisement spoken of by numerous Catholic prophets is coming soon to a home near you!
This is as bad as Katrina. How long has it been?

We/the fed/ are terrible at this stuff.
Throw the money at the states and let them take the blame.
As a carpenter, I've been to Union Beach several times in the last few months. Had this been under Bush, it would have been an entirely different scenario and the story would have been told daily. Now, most residents hear nothing, except a rare communication with their insurance co. if they are fortunate enough to still be talking to one. It is profound disaster for these people on a scale of an 8 point + earthquake. It's a very sad story coming out of giveaway, Santa Claus administration.
Is this anything like Katrina. I do not mean to bash Obama without merit but.... C'mon man.
Everything is just so politically complicated, but not morally or logistically. Rebuild all, tell the residence that Fed Flood Ins is history. Sell, buy expensive insurance, or take your chances.
I just figured Barry would really worry about the optics. Alas the MSM is providing non, so Barry is on easy street.
Thanks for the pics. We got hit but nothing like these folks.

Democracy is based on learning from our mistakes. hopefully Sandy will have its impact on New Jersey and New York.
cctyker is absolutely right. It's another example of what has become commonplace in our country: the unwillingness of people to accept, for better or worse, the often unhappy consequences of their own decisions.
I don't mean to be unsympathetic: I am sympathetic towards people who lost their homes, possessions, and lifestyles because they were on the flood plain near a large body of water.

My problem is why are people from every state, town, and county in the United States paying in part for the rebuild -- for the restoration of these victims lifestyles?

The federal government gave victims of Sandy money. And I am sorry few victims of Sandy got any.

But the point is the government got its money from either taxes or by Bernanke just printing it.

Taxes come from taxpayers who are people all over the United States who work and pay federal taxes. It is their money victims of Sandy are getting.

Or if Bernanke simply printed the money, and thereby, created a debt that the citizens of the U.S.A. have to pay off in the future, then the money came from the pockets of our children.

Why are people who voluntarily live next to the ocean given other people's money just because they took the risk that their house and possessions might be destroyed by that great and powerful body of water they live beside? They took the risk of living there and lost; they did not have to take the risk. No one forced them too. So, no one should have to be responsible for their losses -- only they should be.
Almost none of the money the politicians raked in for "hurricane recovery" has been disbursed to the survivors.

What are they doing with it all? the world wonders. . . . Crooked, all of them.
As anyone in Florida and the Gulf coast know, it will take years, much longer than the value to any politician...