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Guy Sorman
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Great events on phlintrophy.
We the military the special forces association that is non profit that supports the huge needs of the families, injured and amputees/TBI victims, welcome support involvement to support the many great program.
we the SFA can not do any more with out community support.
Parks are great but our s oldies are still dying and suffering especially the victim fami,ies that sacrificed our sons and daughters.
So a Mark Rothko painting is fine art, but a Charles Russell is kitsch?
It seems that trustfunders and "old money" get very little respect nowadays. Conservatives' attitude toward them is kind of like Playboy's attitude to gay men; playboy defends their right to exist, but has no content of interest to them.
Let's get some facts on the table.

1. Mr. Warren's contribution to the Deck Park was NOT a donation, but a financial transaction. Mr. Warren conducted secret negotiations with the park foundation (a private board of wealth Dallasites) who agreed to sell the naming rights ! The good citizens of Dallas have not been told the full details of the negotiations, the amount of money that Mr. Warren paid for the naming rights, or other details. We do not know what/who else wanted to purchase the naming rights.

2. Although Dallas is blessed with many mega wealthy donors, not ALL need their names connected with their philanthropy. Many give quietly. The noisy one's, like Warren, use it to leverage up the social network.

3. When the wealthy pony up to give, it can have adverse consequences...Take the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. A $182 million fiasco. Margaret Hunt Hill offered to pay for a portion of a "signature designed gateway" into Dallas. She wanted super architect Calatrava, in exchange she offered up a small portion of the total price tag. The city obliged and the good citizens of Dallas got stuck with an over priced bridge crossing the nearly dry Trinity River ($187 million total cost). The private donations for the bridge totaled about $12 million. Less than 10% of the total cost ! A "non-Calatrava" bridge would have cost the taxpayers significantly less - about $30 million total !

But Margaret Hunt Hill got her bridge - now named after her ! But Dallas taxpayers pay for it !

Many private boards are chock full of like minded over achievers who neglect the very function of oversight that is a requirement of being a board member. The pending disaster at the Nasher Sculpture Museum being a prime example. The museum board sat by idly while a developer constructed a high rise condominium project next to the Nasher. Late into the construction process, the board woke up, and is now claiming the tower will destroy the gifted artwork. They snoozed through their fiduciary duty to protect the Nasher...Their solution ?

They demanded private arbitration of the matter ! They didn't want the public to know the underlying facts. They wanted to keep their malfeasance a secret.
Too bad that The Dallas Morning News left out your paragraph that starts with: A dose of Christian humility---!

Wonder why?
Gee, Mr. Brown, that might explain why the Chagall exhibit currently appearing at the DMA has picked Dallas as it's only US venue -

"because it has the worst art mustem in America"
Dallas also has the worst art museum in America...Pathetic...Good luck in the future....
B. Samuel Davis May 13, 2013 at 12:41 PM
This article highlights why, when offered a tuition free ride at a school in Texas and a school in California, seeking a PHd in the esoteric field of biostatistics, my son chose Texas.

The weather may be hot in Texas but the climate is terrific.
Gee, extreme income inequality produces a society where the Middle Class cannot afford to use democracy to fund civic projects.

And that's what this article promotes. As a good thing because there's a $110,000,000 in Dallas.
Too bad the author ignored Fort Worth, Dallas' next door neighbor. They have a similar if more hardscrabble history, with the Bass brothers billions and many others financing a vibrant city center and arts community.