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Steven Malanga
Rise of the Republican Governors « Back to Story

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Are these Republican Governors, are a new breed of reformers and saviours who have risen to save the American society?

One thing that is highly visible about them is their mid girth and obesity.
Great piece.

WHY are national Republicans slamming on Chris Christie? Even before the Senate selection issue, right-wingers bash him for "cozying" up to Obama, after Obama helped NJ post-Sandy? How about some refreshing non-partisanship.

Chris Christie is a fiscal conservative Republican who knows how to build appeal and win big in a dark blue state. Period.

For the Republican party to have any relevant future, it needs its future to be led by guys like Chris Christie. Amen.
Perhaps do a follow up with SC, TX, AZ governor highlights. There are many good examples to follow. Great article!
Great article, but it needs to be mentioned that the article is biased towards the economic policies of these GOP governors. Everyone wants low taxes and a business growth environment. The problem with the GOP still has to do with social issues, particularly its connection with the religious right. Until moderate GOP leaders are able to emerge, I will remain skeptical.

Remember, the elected GOP mayor and governors in the northeast were popular because they were fiscally conservative but socially liberal.
Illegal immigrants blah blah blah, 60 million illegals and blah blah blah, money blah blah, don't speak English blah blah, remedial blah blah.

Yikes! It's hard to vote conservative when some of the faction is grossly misinformed.

What is the alternative if there isn't a proposed 13 year path for a problem that has been grossly ignored for decades?
Mass deportation? I know the core values of the GOP are family unification, not separation. 60 million people, as one poster mentioned? Seriously? If that person read the proposal by the Senate, sponsorship would be limited to immediate family members ONLY. There is an added value and benefits of this proposal far outweigh anything the rest of the outdated GOP has come up with thus far.

I coordially ask fellow conservatives to research on their own, and dismiss the AM talk radio gurus and other "reports" from Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation, or Numbers USA. If I wanted something less biased, I'd refer to Fox News or MSNBC.
Frumious Bandersnatch May 07, 2013 at 6:05 AM
One state overlooked in the school choice arena is AZ. From what I can tell it is by far and away the best. They don't use vouchers per se, but the money follows the child, not the school. Options include public, public charter and private charter schools. All at the discretion of the parents. Parents can also choose which public schools they wish to enroll their children in.
Excellent summary of burgeoning rationality, good will and good sense, based on political courage and voter frustration...Thanks!
Juan Jose Morales-Castillo May 06, 2013 at 3:07 PM
A governor, someone with actual executive experience, as the successor of a Pdt whose legislative career was lackluster and undistinguished to the point of being downright nonexistent: sounds like a winning idea to me.
Looking to the likely future of "illegal immigration" fixes - favored by both parties eager for Latino votes: why is there no discussion about the elephant in the room?

No, I don't mean the 11 to 14 million illegal aliens said to be in the shadows right now. I am thinking of how, as soon as these folks become eligible to sponsor family members, i.e., children, parents, spouse and siblings, this segment of our population will easily and rapidly grow to perhaps over 60 million. They will largely be undereducated, not know English, the older ones will need expensive medical care, most of the children will need remedial health care and education, etc., etc. Are we ready for this? Will our children be able to cope with the inevitable stresses this will bring? Why isn't a single politician blessed with the balls to talk about this? Don't we deserve a rational national conversation about this?
How many of these States will be forced into becoming Cali blue, or at least purple, once the 20 million illegals get voting rights?

Democrats will simply over the next 50 years swamp us out through minority vote buying schemes involving hispanics.

Once the economy recovers, the flood gates will open and we'll be back to 1 million illegals a year taking up residence and it is impossible to secure that big long border.

Better find a way to make more white working class babies with intact nuclear families.
"soul-searching in Washington" is an oxymoron.
Let's hope there's no plans anywhere for a Clinton/Christie ticket.
And you forgot to mention Az., Tx. where two Red State guvs are not only doing fiscally well but trying to protect their states from gangs, cartels, Obamacare and illegals. Blue State guvs along with their liberal Dem state legs. are killing free enterprise, driving small businesses out and taxing and regulating the citizens to..death. And don't forget that conserv Senators like Lee, Cruz, Rubio, Paul and Sessions in their states are driving fiscal sanity . Liberal Dem pols want any issue to...give them more voting power; not COMPASSION.
The Republican Governors are brave and wise, they're truly making the hard decisions, doing their job for the people.
If the eight Republican governors of the states that have all Republican state houses arranged to enforce their political will on their own (nine) Democrat US Senators, the voting majority of the US Senate would shift to the conservatives. While the 17th Amendment provides for direct election to the US Senate, it does not prohibit a state government from directing them how to vote.
The difference from the federal government is that the states can not print money to pay for a bigger governement.
Which ones belong to the fringe and can you post links as their fringe beleffs?
Great governors when it comes to fiscal matters, where Republicans excel. Unfortunately, many of these same governors belong to the Religious Right fringe zealot wing in which alleged questionable social values (religious beliefs) in which science is criticized, etc dominate.
Corbett (PA) is wildly unpopular. His approval rating is in the tank and he trailed three potential Dem opponents in a recent poll.
Then in the heat of a Presidental election Christie thrust a knife in Romney's back to garner Democratic support. Let's see how many Republicans will trust the fat man to get behind them with sharp pointed objects in the future.
Federal, State and Local government has hit the break big to support......and has now become its own special feeds now to just exist....never mind actually doing anything useful.......the parasite has now grown to large for the host......

Liberals never want to down size.......we are dying......we are being consumed by government......and it has become so large that those riding on our backs are clinging harder and harder.....refusing to get off.....

There are only two outcomes....the host shakes off the Government parasite......or they both die.....simple as that. Taking more from the host like Obama and the Liberals wants isn't the answer.......

We either make the decision now.....or the decision will be forced on us later....when the currency collapses and the government collapses.........
Obama and the Democrats agenda is not about good government, not about making this Nation better place for its citizens, not about making this a stronger better Nation, its about transforming this Nation into a one party other words a dictatorship and he is executing his agenda with the help of the far left news media and Treasonous Republican politicians nearly flawless!

Poverty, government dependency and Democrat votes are Obama,s and the Democrats objective!

Amnesty and chain immigration will increase the number of all three by many, many millions. While costing Tax payer,s trillions and complete the bankrupting of this Nation!

If reducing Calif. and this Nation to a suburb of Mexico and this Nation to a bankrupt Third World Slum is necessary to accomplish their goal that is a price Obama & the Democrats are more than willing to pay.

The last piece to achieving their goals of controlling this Nation is nearly in place.

Amnesty for the 12 to 30 million criminals and uneducated invading Illegal Aliens. That with chain Immigration for the ones still left in Mexico and Latin American and with a Prolific breeding rate will assure all Red States are turned blue and a Democrat majority forever with a Spanish speaking Third World Slum here of Crime, Corruption, Poverty and Misery modeled on Mexico and controlled by the Socialist/Democrat party of Northern Mexico!

It is all about Power, Control and the Democrat party and how to use lies, false compassion, poverty and government dependency to enslave a free people and a great Nation!
Go GOP push harder against the unionized mass of non producers and the productive class will support you... Even democrats are sick of those coasting on the largess of others.... Work is a privilege and a moral obligation taking from others is immoral and slothful moreover should never be rewarded. Providing for those who can't do for themselves is the American way of charity and I am for this. But we must get the idea of consuming from your neighbor out of liberals minds.
Go GOP push harder against the unionized mass of non producers and the productive class will support you... Even democrats are sick of those coasting on the largess of others.... Work is a privilege and a moral obligation taking from others is immoral and slothful moreover should never be rewarded. Providing for those who can't do for themselves is the American way of charity and I am for this. But we must get the idea of consuming from your neighbor out of liberals minds.
great article
too bad City is read mainly by Conservatives
Liberals and Democrats could learn something from it
Our country will be saved and people will be free to reach for their highest successes only if we elect more fiscally responsible people to high office. Government and all it's regulations and gifts to unions are the obstacles in the way of freedom.
Seems governors understand, follow & implement Reagan's policies, and their residents benefit now & in future!
This is getting ridiculous! There is so much more to worry about today than if two people who love each other want to love each other, or if one can afford simple medical care, or even if someone inhales a burnt leaf. America is a great country for many reasons, but the greed and ignorance involved with these simplest of rights disgusting. Right is right. There seems to be no logical compromise for this way of thinking. The “Republican Bargaining” portion of this video hits it right on the head: