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Peter Whittle
Britain’s Conviction Politician « Back to Story

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Fabulous article - she was truly a magnificent woman - she changed the course of Britain and you are correct when you say she is more often appreciated by countries other than her own.
Alena Hromádková,Prague April 11, 2013 at 7:25 AM
The conviction political leader loving her/his country and insisting on realistic political moves - that´s what MT personified and what we need again under the new condition.
A formidable leader who stood against the forces of tyranny, complacency, apathy, mediocrity and gave the British back their self-respect. To paraphrase Lord Acton,"Great women are almost always bad women...."
Lake Worth was the exports decline due to her cutting the subsidies? Or asking industry to produce the product at a profit rather than a subsidised loss?
As the pound rose in value, which affects exports and increases imports, she paid down debt and rationalised the public sector.
She was no saint, but she did start the politics of reversing decline. She got rid of subsidised and loss making Leylands, and got in Nissan and Toyota factories, that made cars profitably. She stopped the "British Disease" with regard to strikes. I remember the elctric being off, from about 10am to 4pm most of summer school holdiays with constant strikes. The miners than signed their names on the time sheets, DGM, "Don't go Mondays".
She political economy had to dismantle to re-build and that path was harsh, but is the no guts to say "no", borrowing and borrow the better answer?
This is the devil and the deep blue sea, for choice, but when the money printing raises inflationa dn interest rates start to rise, how will we then repay all this debt?
And the UK turned on Churchill, too. Maggie's in good company and will survive current history. RIP.
Robert Obenshain April 09, 2013 at 7:59 AM
Mrs. Thatcher was the towering conservative icon of Great Britain during the twentieth century because first and foremost she stood for free market priciples and carried her convictions to fruition. A stauch anti-communist and hated by the fragile left in Britain, she forged an alliance with Reagan and Pope JP II to bring down the Iron Cutain. No doubt, she was a true British patriot.
Margaret Thatcher "was a conviction politician before the term was coined, a leader motivated by a love for Britain and its people" except for the working class unionists whom she called "The Enemy Within" and for her exceptionally long personal enemies list.

Her economic policies from mid1979 at first cut off what had been a spurt of growth in exports in 1977-78-early 1979. That recession lasted a year and a half. Then the U.K. got back to normal growth for 1982-mid1985. But then exports flatlined from mid1985-1988.

Her policies, apart from taxation, were reversed or relaxed at the start of 1989 and exports and the economy rebounded sharply. Still, the Tax War in 1989 ended her reign. This is not a great record.

During Margaret Thatcher's term as PM the U.K. GDP had one quarter (1987 Q3) of growth above 2%. Same time span, the country had 10 quarters with zero or negative growth. Another 12 quarters had growth between >0% and
Well written article, agree completely on the despicable conduct by some Left wingers. Makes one cringe about the future when there are thugs like them exist. You can bet that if they were in power they would be dragging conservatives to the scaffold. So much for freedom and liberty, they respect neither.
Thatcher was stabbed in the back by the elite, when having rationalised the miners, industry and much of the public service, she turned on the parts of the market that employ the wealthy and Conservative Party members.

Thatcher or Reagan would not have bailed out banks and seen them turn round and pay huge bonuses, oh no. It was these characters inside the Conservative Party that stabbed her in the back. Thatcher would have taken the free market approach over the socialism for the elite and contected, they would have been sacked and lucky not to have done time.

She connected with the mass middle the 20 -70/80 pecent, not the bottom 20 or the top 20-30 in the main. She turned Britain around, Blair, Brown and Cameron just borrowed all the debt she paid back and destroyed the jobs and spirit she forged. Cameron, would not make it into Thatcher Cabinet. If Thatcher had have had the "ten more years", they chanted as they plotted, the country woudl have been like a Singapore on the edge of Europe, not another sick man.

Thatcher's name is rightly included in the short list of those most responsible for the peaceful end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet empire: Walesa, Reagan, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Pope John Paul II, Solzhenitsyn...there is room for a few more names, but those of us who watched in disbelief and hope as it unfolded know that Thatcher played a real part in this happy ending.
Neither article on Thatcher mentions that it was she who tipped off Reagan that Mikhail Gorbachev was "someone we can deal with". It was she who perceived the personal quality in Gorbachev that was different, who set the ball rolling toward perestroika. Truly a great lady and a great ruler.