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Bob McManus
Wither Mayoral Control? « Back to Story

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It's American Federation of Teachers, not United Federation of Teachers.

AFT locals often have variant names. The "United Federation of Teachers" is collective name for the New York City locals. The Rochester local is called the "Rochester Teachers' Association".
Wait until the union contract expires and have Bloomberg offer his own contract, and the union sits down and renegotiates.
If they strike, do what Coolidge did to the Boston Police; he fired them ALL! Call it a public service/education emergency. Offer any teachers who want to come back their jobs while negotiating with the union-for the next school year.
This is the next civil/human rights cause our country faces. We are abusing our kids with a failed education system.
"Whither?" is not a yes-or-no question.
Unions should be outlawed. I wouldn't put my kid in a school run by unions or union teachers. The unions are made up f nothing, but commie thugs.
R Danais, I'd assert that "they" are learning.

The on-going support for charters, vouchers, parental trigger and tax credits rather strongly suggests that faith in the classic, district-based model of public education is in the process of evaporating.
When are you going to learn?

Teachers' unions aren't concerned about educating kids! They're concerned about perpetuating their money-making, dues-collecting dynasty!

Wake up America!

The only time Teachers' unions are concerned about kids' educations is when they are appealing to voters to give teachers another pay raise (equals more union dues)

Wow - a powerful set of statements and clearly the author is throwing down the gauntlet to the unions. But what might a new mayor decide? I suspect the candidates will be courted or cajoled by heavy handed union reps like Mulgrew - with the promise of either mutually destruction or tolerant co-existence. Either recourse - big, bureaucratic institutions with so much power money, assets, people and resources should require oversight by another party that can audit activities. Just like banks and financial institutions.

Acutally, the writer is correct concerning the name of the union.
It's American Federation of Teachers, not United Federation of Teachers.